1 Chronicles 18:6 MEANING

1 Chronicles 18:6
(6) Put garrisons.--The noun here omitted in the Hebrew, probably by an oversight, occurs in Samuel. In 1 Chronicles 11:16 and 2 Chronicles 17:2 it means "out post," or "garrison;" in 1 Kings 4:19, "prefects," or "pashas." The Targum of Samuel gives strategi, "generals;" Syriac and Arabic, "prefects" and "collectors;" LXX. and Vulg., "garrison." The Arabic here has "collectors and guards;" the Syriac, "commanders."

Syria-damascus.--Aram of Damascus (1 Chronicles 18:5). (Comp. 1 Chronicles 18:2 for the next clause.)

David's servants.--To David servants--the order in Samuel.


Preserved.--Made victorious.

Preserved David.--Samuel has 'eth-David--i.e., the simple accusative; Chronicles, le-David, a late construction.

Whithersoever he went.--Same phrase as in 1 Chronicles 17:6; 1 Chronicles 17:8.

Shields.--Shilte. Probably "armour" or "arms." (Comp. 2 Kings 11:10; 2 Chronicles 23:9, "the spears, and the shields, and the sh'l?tim; "Ezekiel 27:11; Song of Solomon 4:4; Jeremiah 51:11, "quivers.") LXX. here, "golden collars" (Samuel, "bracelets"); Syriac and Arabic, "golden plates which hung on the horses;" Vulg., "quivers (Samuel, "golden arms").

Hadadezer was not dethroned, but became a vassal king.

Verse 6. - the word "garrisons" appears in the text in the parallel place, and would be justly supplied in our Hebrew text here.

18:1-17 David's victories. - This chapter is the same as 2Sa 8. Our good fight of faith, under the Captain of our salvation, will end in everlasting triumph and peace. The happiness of Israel, through David's victories, and just government, faintly shadowed forth the happiness of the redeemed in the realms above.See Chapter Introduction
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