1 Chronicles 21:8 MEANING

1 Chronicles 21:8
(8) And David said.--This verse is verbatim the same with its parallel, save that it makes the characteristic substitution of "God" for "Jehovah," and adds the explanatory phrase "this thing" in the first half, and in the second omits the Divine Name altogether.

Do away.--Cause to pass over, and so away. David's conscience misgave him in the night, before his interview with Gad. (See 2 Samuel 24:10-11.)

21:1-30 David's numbering the people. - No mention is made in this book of David's sin in the matter of Uriah, neither of the troubles that followed it: they had no needful connexion with the subjects here noted. But David's sin, in numbering the people, is related: in the atonement made for that sin, there was notice of the place on which the temple should be built. The command to David to build an altar, was a blessed token of reconciliation. God testified his acceptance of David's offerings on this altar. Thus Christ was made sin, and a curse for us; it pleased the Lord to bruise him, that through him, God might be to us, not a consuming Fire, but a reconciled God. It is good to continue attendance on those ordinances in which we have experienced the tokens of God's presence, and have found that he is with us of a truth. Here God graciously met me, therefore I will still expect to meet him.See Chapter Introduction
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