1 Chronicles Chapter 17 Discussion

  • ASEMOTA DAVIDSON on 1 Chronicles 17:25 - 4 years ago
    God is not a joker, he only says what he means and does always what he says
  • Fred scanlan on 1 Chronicles 17 - 4 years ago
    1 John 5:14-15 14 And this is the confidence that we have in him, that, if we ask any thing according to his will, he heareth us:15 And if we know that he hear us, whatsoever we ask, we know that we have the petitions that we desired of him. How to be confident that he will fulfill our desires according to his good pleasure! Be ye patient,stablish your heart unto Christ. Public Domain
  • Ampusam Symonette on 1 Chronicles 17 - 5 years ago
    I am thankful for the Word and so many opportunities these days to read and gain understanding I seek the aid of The Holy Spirit to assist me in understanding so I can have a better knowledge of God. Thank you for the Word. As a convert I have as an adult learn from scratch although the seed of desire was laid in the Christian Convent School I was sent to even as my parents were staunch Hindus.
  • Victoria on 1 Chronicles 17 - 6 years ago
    I delight in reading the Bible I feel power in this prayer.
  • Cynthia on 1 Chronicles 17 - 6 years ago
    Trying to find the verse sbout, not to tamper with God's property: paraphrasing
  • Peter A. Okebukola on 1 Chronicles 17 - 6 years ago
    God's favour over David still persists. He is not allowed to build a house directly for the Lord but indirectly by his son Solomon. As Daiod said in verse 27, whoever God has blessed, is blessed forever except if iniquity comes in. "...for thou blessest, O LORD, and it shall be blessed for ever."
  • LaVonne on 1 Chronicles 17 - 7 years ago
    "MasterProhet" God does not lie. As believers we should think on these verses also. Titus 1:2 God cannot lie. Heb. 6:18 It is impossible for God to lie, he is immutable (unchanging) James 1:17 No shadow of turning. This is because he is HOLY, HOLY, HOLY REV 4:8. His promises are faithful and true. We serve a truly awesome God. I love reading all the different comments.
  • MasterProhet on 1 Chronicles 17 - 7 years ago
    Numbers 23 19.God does not tell lies.
  • Calistra Narine on 1 Chronicles 17 - 7 years ago
    God is merciful and just.God keep all His promises to us.

    I corinthians 10.
    God will subdue all my enemies.
  • Dek Barbare on 1 Chronicles 17 - 8 years ago
    Nathan speaking God's word to David refers to a seed of his sons, and the house he shall establish forever, yet I hear this preached as Solomon and the house he build which is not correct, consider these verses 11-14 and compare to Hebrews 1 verse 5.
    The seed from David in which Jesus came was through his son Nathan (probably named for the prophet).
  • Nicola on 1 Chronicles 17:25 - 8 years ago
    I like this prayer. To put God in remberance of his word. He is faithful. Amen.
  • Manford malemia on 1 Chronicles 17 - 9 years ago
    David 's love for GOD is being shown here. He is determined to build HIM a house. His ungrudging immediacy in obeying HIS will is quite amazing in turning down his idea. HIS plan and timing are the best options.
  • Elias P. Soto on 1 Chronicles 17 - 9 years ago
    My God pleased to Bless my House that he gave us now house is Blessed for ever, thank you my Savior 1Cro 17 27
  • Cedric on 1 Chronicles 17 - 10 years ago
    i thank God for helping my study even though my father was died fast so many years i continue my study he help me a lot of thing i can not seen.i know God help me a lot of thing i continue in college of law even though i can pay all my tuition because he pay me a lot he is my side he is my hope.

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