1 Chronicles Chapter 23 Discussion

  • David on 1 Chronicles 23:25 - 2 years ago
    The apostle Paul basically gave us the same words in Ephesians 4:1-16. As we await the coming of the Lord, let us gird up our loins and become deeply committed to the Word of God and prayer. Starting with ourselves, let us endeavor to build accountability amongst the fellowship. Begin today by renewing our hearts, and spiritual mind, which delights greatly in the Words of the Lord. Help us all to find deep satisfaction and refreshing joy in His service at His feet.

    Our nation needs it for the political and social climate before us. September 18, 2021
  • Annysia on 1 Chronicles 23:25 - 4 years ago
    This chapter really showed me that we all have our roles to play in society. In this chapter they mentioned officers and judges, gatekeepers, and others.
    All these roles have something to do with the improvement of society and their relationship with God.
    Our roles today don't seem to be as clear cut as that, but do people still use their roles to improve their religious/spiritual lives? And how? It seems to only be a case of getting as much material possessions as possible these days.
  • K Hadsell on 1 Chronicles 23 - 6 years ago
    We are a work in progress, working on the temple inside us, the place God resides. We should gather all the necessary materials (the Word of God, good counsel, good Christian fellowship, prayer and praise). No shabby workmanship.Seek wisdom and knowledge. We can build a lasting impression, influence, heritage, for when we have passed on. Use much preparation for the best workmanship.
  • Manford Malemia on 1 Chronicles 23 - 9 years ago
    The LORD GOD .has given rest to both the Israelites and the Levites. Wars around the Israelites have eventually subsided. The Levites carry the tabernacle and the vessels no lmnger. HE has put away their burdens.If we 're with and in Christ Jesus, likewise, he 'll put our burden of sins away. Rest and peace of GOD shall abide in our dwelling places.
  • Jim Watson on 1 Chronicles 23:28 - 9 years ago
    That these were housekeepers in the house of God tending to the cleaning needs of the house of God.
  • Cal carpenter on 1 Chronicles 23:25 - 12 years ago
    So what is the true meaning, is it God who dwells in Jerusalem forever or is it His people who rest in Jerusalem forever

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