2 Kings 17:14 MEANING

2 Kings 17:14
(14) Notwithstanding . . . hear.--Rather, and they hearkened not.

Necks.--Heb., neck. (Comp. Deuteronomy 10:16; Jeremiah 17:23; 2 Chronicles 36:13.)

Like to the neck.--LXX. and Syriac, more than the neck. One letter different in the Hebrew.

Did not believe in the Lord their God.--The reference is not to intellectual but to moral unbelief, evincing itself as disobedience. Vulg., "qui volerunt obediren." They did not render the obedience of faith. (Comp. the use of ??????? ? in the Greek Testament.)

Verse 14. - Notwithstanding they would not hear; rather, and they would not hear. The construction still runs on without any change (see the comment on vers. 7 and 12). But hardened their necks. (On the origin of the phrase, see 'Homiletic Commentary' on Exodus 32:9.) The obstinate perversity of the Israelites, which the phrase expresses, is noted through the entire history (see Exodus 33:3, 5; Exodus 34:9; Deuteronomy 9:6, 13; Psalm 75:5; 2 Chronicles 30:8; 2 Chronicles 36:13; Nehemiah 9:16, 17, 29; Jeremiah 7:26; Jeremiah 17:23; Acts 7:51, etc.). Like to the neck of their fathers, that did not believe in the Lord their God. The reference is especially to the many passages in the Pentateuch where the Israelites are called "a stiff-necked people" (see, besides those already quoted, Deuteronomy 31:27).

17:7-23 Though the destruction of the kingdom of the ten tribes was but briefly related, it is in these verses largely commented upon, and the reasons of it given. It was destruction from the Almighty: the Assyrian was but the rod of his anger, Isa 10:5. Those that bring sin into a country or family, bring a plague into it, and will have to answer for all the mischief that follows. And vast as the outward wickedness of the world is, the secret sins, evil thoughts, desires, and purposes of mankind are much greater. There are outward sins which are marked by infamy; but ingratitude, neglect, and enmity to God, and the idolatry and impiety which proceed therefrom, are far more malignant. Without turning from every evil way, and keeping God's statutes, there can be no true godliness; but this must spring from belief of his testimony, as to wrath against all ungodliness and unrighteousness, and his mercy in Christ Jesus.Notwithstanding, they would not hear,.... Their instructions, advice, and admonitions, and obey them:

but hardened their necks, like to the neck of their fathers, that did not believe in the Lord their God: as Terah and Nahor, who were idolaters; or rather, their fathers in the wilderness, that made and served the calf, and those that rebelled against Moses and Aaron; it is a metaphor taken from oxen, that will not submit their necks to the yoke, but draw back from it, or cast it off, see Acts 7:51.

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