2 Kings Chapter 10 Discussion

  • David on 2 Kings 10 - 2 years ago
    Like Jehu, we can get rid of the "big" sins in our lives and yet still be "away" from God in our true relationship with Him. We may find ourselves missing our Bible reading, for what ever reason. Not praying due to circumstances in our day. However, God knows those situations we face, and He is merciful and graceful towards our short comings.

    We must therefore assess our daily walk, repent and confess our sins and choose to please and glorify our God.

    May we love the Lord and carry out His will. There is much to bring before the throne of Grace of God. The situation in Afghanistan, current pandemic, our economy, our social and political turmoil but to name a few. Most of all, the many people who are facing eternity without the Lord Jesus Christ in their souls.

    May we prove to be faithful stewards in His name.

    God bless everyone. August 2021
  • Da on 2 Kings 10 - 3 years ago
    Am I understanding, after King Jehu killed the worshippers of Baal, he did not serve the Lord?
  • Irene123 on 2 Kings 10 - 7 years ago
    God is amazing in His patience. He knew Jehu even before he was born, and yet because God gives us freewill He gives us every chance, He's not a dictator. Nor does He kill us - there is a time to live and a time to die. We each have an appointed time on this earth - to serve God or not- and then we die, whatever our choice.
  • BSP on 2 Kings 10 - 7 years ago
    Even though God was near to executing judgement, he was still allowing time for each person to show who they really wanted to worship because each one had to decide if they would wear the garment of Baal and offer up sacrifice to Baal. This shows how patient and loving Jehovah God was and still is.
  • Anne on 2 Kings 10 - 8 years ago
    Having experienced the power of God, how can we not serve Him fully? Holy Spirit help to be faithful to the one true God.
  • Will on 2 Kings 10 - 10 years ago
    Isn 't it incredible that King Jehu did not walk in all the laws of God and did not destroy the "golden calves " etc. Even when a king obeyed he did not obey fully. Even when a king saw the hands of God working the king would not entirely deliver his earthly kingdom to God. Sounds very much like many believers today including myself.

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