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  • David0921
    The True Gospel (part 1)

    The True Gospel is circumscribed by the Bible alone and in its entirety and is a Gospel of Grace Alone.

    We must start with the understanding that mankind by nature since Adam's sin is SPIRITUALLY DEAD, and subject to the Wrath of God and the Judgment of God because of our sins. This is our condition, apart from salvation, both in body and soul. And both our body and soul are subject to eternal death and destruction along with this sin-cursed earth.

    Furthermore, we are in bondage to sin and Satan to whom God has given the authority to rule over this world, all of course under the ultimate authority of God Himself.

    But despite this terrible situation, by God's Mercy and to demonstrate His Glory, God, before the foundation of this world, chose a people for Himself to save and to be with Him eternally in New Heavens and a New Earth. These are the Elect of God. We don't know how God made that choice but we know it was not based upon any worthiness in any one of us.

    To accomplish this, the penalty required by the Law of God, for every dirty rotten sin of every one of His Elect was full paid by God Himself in the person of the Lord Jesus Christ. That is, God in the person of Christ actually DIED and was then RESURRECTED to life again. Our minds cannot fully grasp this but we know it is a fact because God declares it in the Bible.

    Then at some point in their life God applies that salvation to each and every one of His Elect in raising their Spiritually Dead soul to Spiritual Life by giving them a brand new Resurrected Soul which, in itself, cannot sin. 1 John 3:9. This is why when a believers body dies he goes to be with Christ in heaven in his soul existence.

    Then at the Last Day God completes their salvation by giving them their Resurrected Spiritual Body which now, in a complete personality, will live and reign with Christ in New Heavens and New Earth eternally. 1 Thessalonians 4 and 1 Corinthians 15

    Cont in part 2
  • GiGi on Numbers 18
    NUMBERS CH. 18

    Pt. 2

    Vs. 14 tells the Levites that everything in Israel that is devoted (set apart-given over to the LORD be) is yours. All firstborn from the womb belong to the LORD, but firstborn humans are to be redeemed for a set price that is given to the Levites. The firstborn of the livestock cannot be redeemed and are to be used for sacrifices and offerings. They are to sprinkle the blood on the altar and burn their fat to the LORD. The meat can be eaten by the Levites. This meat is set aside for the all in the families of Levites as their regular share, thus bringing sustenance and a regular source of meat to these Israelites called to serve in the tabernacle.

    The LORD tells Aaron that he will not have any share in the land as an inheritance because the LORD is his inheritance. This is a lovely gracious gift. The LORD is our inheritance, our portion, our satisfaction. We can have many things in this life and world, but to have the LORD as one's inheritance is the greatest thing! If we have HIm, everything else will be added to us as we need it.

    The Levites are given all the tithes as their inheritance in return for their work they do serving in the Tent of Meeting.The Levites are to give Aaron and the priest a tenth of the tithe they receive and this tenth must be the best and holiest part of everything

    given to them.

    By living according to these regulations the Levites and priests will keep the tithes and offerings of the Israelites holy and they will not die of defiling the holy offerings given to them by the Israelites.

    These ordinances ensure that the Levites and priests and their families are properly provided for. There should be no greed to have more than they truly need and to receive all tithes and offerings reverently because they are first of all given to the LORD and then the LORD gives them to the Levites.

    After all the ways God brought death and judgment on the people who were rebellious and unbelieving, He should be taken seriously.
  • GiGi on Numbers 18

    In this chapter the LORD explains parameters of serving in the priesthood (only descendants of Aaron) and tabernacle service (only Levites).

    After making it clear whom God had chosen for these positions of service by having Aaron's rod bud, Through Moses, the LORD sets down the rules for serving in these positions. No one is to "cross the line", so to speak, by taking on any priestly work that is not assigned to them by the LORD under threat of death and no one, likewise, is to perform the tabernacle service of the Levites who is not a descendant of Levi, under threat of death. These servants were set apart as belonging wholly unto the LORD and therefore hallowed. People of the other tribes were to respect them, give the tithes to them, bring to the priests any and every offering, gift, or sacrifice. The general congregation was to provide for the Levites since the Levites could not possess any land or produce any means of support outside of the duties of priesthood and tabernacle. The Levites themselves were to give a tenth of what they received unto the LORD and not use it for themselves. They could only eat of the foods provided by the tithe if they were ceremonially clean. Sometimes they ate of the offering only within the tent of meeting and other offerings they could eat with non-Levites who were ceremonially clean.

    The Levites were to be humble, grateful, and content with what was provided to them by the LORD through the giving of the tithe by the congregation. After all, they were to receive the best of the produce of the land, flocks, vineyards. Since they could not have an inheritance of land like the other tribes, they must have resided in or near the tent of meeting when it was set up in the promised land or lived in the cities dedicated to the Levites. They could not just live anywhere they chose. They were subject to the regulations God had placed on them as spiritual servants of God and the people.

    see part 2
  • Adam
    Greetings fellow brothers and sisters in Christ.

    I believe one of the biggest cons is the idea that some people are born with an extra proclivity to a sin and therefore automatically tied to their identity. If you dare to question their perceived identity in that sin then you are a fill-in-the-blank derogatory name and you are the problem.

    So, people have used this to justify homosexuality, transsexual activity, even pedophilia. It's absolutely disgusting and I have no doubt this trend will continue if not unchallenged. We also see people of certain skin colors let off the hook for violent crimes because they assume they are disadvantaged and somehow can't help themselves. I have no doubt they will continue to push to get you to accept any additional perversion and sin they come up with, getting darker and more sinister each time. Now they're corrupting kids into their desired perversions which is hard to imagine the depth of evil.

    People can have temptations in a certain area stronger than other temptations, but no one's identity is that sin. That is a lie. That is from satan. He has deceived many. Satan is not love. Upholding God's morals and values IS love, not the opposite which the world claims. Nearly everything the world says is a lie.
  • GiGi on Numbers 17

    The LORD commanded that each tribal leader present to Moses the rod/staff of the leader with the name of the leader written or carved on it. Then these rods were laid out before the LORD in the tabernacle. The LORD said that He will cause the rod to bud of the tribe He had designated as the tribe to lead this nation. Overnight the rod of Aaron (tribe of Levi) leafed, budded, and produced almonds. All the other rods remained the same as they had been when placed before the LORD. The LORD did this to settle the matter for the nation definitively by this miracle in order to stop the grumbling against Moses and Aaron that so displeased Him and brought His judgment on so many among the people.

    Moses showed the rods to the congregation, proving that Aaron's rod had indeed budded miraculously. Each tribal leader took his own rod. The LORD ordered that Aaron's rod would be set back in front of the Testimony (Ark of the Covenant) to serve as a perpetual memorial of this miracle that showed God's will for the leadership of the nation. the LORD said that this placement of the rod of Aaron as a memorial will stop the grumbling of the people against His chosen leaders, Aaron and Moses so that they will not die due to continuing to grumble.

    After this the Israelites cried out that anyone who came near the tabernacle will die. They said that they were lost. They asked if they will die.

    Although the LORD did not say this would happen, the people were in dread for their lives. Perhaps they felt conviction of sin. Maybe they feared the LORD at last. Surely they were concerned for themselves more than praising or honoring the LORD after such a wonderful miracle that showed forth God's grace that Aaron's rod would be a reminder, not an object for condemnation.

    Notice how obedient Moses was to all that the LORD asked of him. He listened to YHWH without argument and was swift to carry out the instructions regardless of results.
  • GiGi on Numbers 16

    Pt. 4

    Then the LORD told Moses to tell Eleazer, son of Aaron, to collect all of the censors that the 250 had used and forge them into plates to cover the altar, for since they were offered before the LORD, they were hallowed. These were to serve as a memorial to the people to remind them that no one but the seed of Aaron is to come near to offer incense to Him, exhorting them to not be like Korah and his company.

    But the next day, the people began again to murmur against Moses and Aaron. (It seems they are stubborn and unteachable). They said that Moses and Aaron had killed the people of the LORD. They had not honor for the LORD, but were interested more in self-preservation. Once again the glory of the LORD appeared at the tabernacle and the LORD said to Moses and Aaron to get away from these people so He can consume them. They provoked the LORD again without fear. God sent a plague among the people and many were dying. Moses told Aaron to go and take a censor and stand in the middle of the people burning incense in the censor as an atonement for the people. He stood between those who had died and those who were alive and the plague was stayed at that point where Aaron stood. Over 14,000 people died of the plague that day because of the influence of Korah and the rebelliousness of those who questioned and murmured against Moses and Aaron.

    How stiff-necked these people were. Before their very eyes they experienced God's judgment and they still were set against Him. God knows the hearts of all and He was right to decide that those people will die in the wilderness for their rebelliousness and unbelief in Him. The people were not concerned about provoking God with their sin, perhaps because they knew they were going to die in the wilderness, as God had said. They had a sense of hopelessness that caused them to not care about their future. They were bound up with sin and refused all the mercy and grace offered to them.
  • GiGi on Numbers 16

    Pt. 3

    So, Moses set the stage for the "proving". The following day all of those rebelling with Korah were to bring censors with fire to burn incense before the LORD along with Aaron. And so they did the next day. Korah also called all of the congregation to meet with them to oppose Aaron and Moses at the door of the tabernacle

    When everyone was assembled, the glory of the LORD appeared to all the congregation. He spoke to Moses and Aaron telling them to separate themselves from the congregation because He wished to consume them (destroy). But, again, Moses and Aaron fell on their faces before the LORD and interceded for the people. So the LORD told them to tell the congregation to go to the tents of Korah, Dathan and Abiram. So Moses, Aaron, and the 70 elders went to the tents of Dathan and Abiram. Then they spoke to the congregation, telling them to depart from the tents of these wicked men, touch nothing of theirs, lest you be consumed by their sins.

    So the people backed off from the tents of Dathan and Abiram, but surrounded the tents. Dathan and Abiram came out of their tents with their wives, sons, and children. Moses confronts them saying, "Hereby ye shall know that the LORD hath sent me tp do all of these works; for I have not done them of mine own mind." He goes on to say that if these men die in a way common to men, then they will know that the LORD had not appointed Moses. But if the LORD does something new by opening up the earth and swallowing them (a prophecy) then the people will know that these men have provoked God and are against God's choice of Moses and Aaron.

    Just as he ended speaking this, the ground opened up around Dathan and Abiram and their families and all were engulfed by the hole and fell in alive and perished. All of the congregation fled from this place fearing that if they stayed they may be swallowed up, too. Then God sent out a fire from Himself and consumed the 250 men who offered incense.

    cont. to pt. 4
  • GiGi on Numbers 16

    Pt. 2

    Moses did not argue with them, rather, he simply said that the LORD will reveal the ones He has appointed over the congregation.

    Then he prophetically explained the test that will show God's choice. Each of the 250 leaders along with Korah and his buddies were to take golden censors used to burn incense to the LORD and God will show who is the ones selected to be holy, anointed, and appointed to lead.

    Then Moses chastises Korah the Levite, turning Korah's words back upon him (ye take too much upon you, ye son of Levi) and goes on to say that Korah should not deem his service in the tabernacle to be a small matter by God's choice of the Levites. Korah was not satisfied with the role chosen for him in the service to the LORD and in ministry to the people, he desired to be a priest, which he was not a son of Aaron to be so. He was questioning how God appointed priests. He coveted what was not his to have. Then Moses tells them that he and his company are gathered against the LORD and disrespect Aaron by murmuring against him. Moses, as a good leader, pointed out their sinfulness, because it was seriously wicked.

    Next, Moses calls up Dathan and Abiram to present themselves before him. They refused to come to Moses. They charged that Moses had brought them out of a land of milk and honey (Egypt) to kill them min the wilderness and Moses has made himself prince over them. How they deflect away from their own sin of unbelief that sealed their judgment to die in the wilderness and not enter into the land of promise. They blame Moses instead of repenting and letting their hearts be transformed by God.

    Moses was very grieved and spoke to the LORD asking Him to not accept any offering from these leaders. Moses speaks that he has not done anything to harm these men, and that was true. He had stood in the gap multiple times for the people interceding for them with the LORD. He refused to walk away from the calling God had placed upon him. ..cont.
  • GiGi on Numbers 16

    In this chapter we read of the rebellion fostered by Korah (a Levite) and a few other associates, Dathan, Abiram, and On (from the tribe of Reuben). These men were questioning among themselves the legitimacy of Moses and Aaron as leaders of the nation. They stirred up dissent among the leaders among the tribes (250 men) to question why Aaron was the only one who could burn incense to the LORD as the High Priest. They spoke to Aaron and Moses, saying they take too much upon themselves as leaders and, since ALL of the people of Israel's congregation were holy and the Lord is amongst them, why do you (Moses and Aaron) lift themselves above all the others.

    Interesting, none of these men were present when God called Moses from the burning bush or when God sent Aaron to Moses and spoke to both of them, appointing them both as leaders of the people of Israel, giving them the authority and power to lead the people out of the bondage of Egypt, go against the Pharaoh, and be the go-between between the LORD and the people.

    Yet, these rebels thought that they knew better that Moses and Aaron how to run things. They did not esteem the wisdom of the LORD in choosing Moses and Aaron. These rebels were puffed up with pride and thought more of themselves than they ought to have. Moses was the meekest among men. They were unduly arrogant. They were willing to contend with Moses and Aaron, which was , in essence, contending with the LORD.

    Moses' response to this incident was to fall on his face before them. He was a humble servant. He was also a prophet. In this instance he spoke to Korah and the others with him saying, "Even tomorrow the LORD will shew who are His; and who is holy;

    and will cause him (the one set apart for holy service) to come near unto Him (the LORD); even him whom He hath chosen will He cause to come near to Him." Instead of arguing with the rebels or exerting any authority over them, cont. to pt. 2
  • GiGi on Numbers 15

    Pt. 4

    It is certainly permissible to choose ways to help us remember God's Word. But we need to always "Keep it Fresh" so that such actions (traditions/habits) retain their purposed outcome. Also, we cannot let such actions replace our relationship with the LORD and lead to taking a cavalier approach to God because we are depending on our actions to make us holy rather than the Holy Spirit.

    Something things to think about in this chapter. I welcome the additions of others to my thoughts.
  • GiGi on Numbers 15

    Pt. 2

    God instructs Moses concerning sins committed out of ignorance and those committed out of presumption.

    God requires certain sacrifices be made for sins committed in ignorance and they will be forgiven.

    But sins of presumption are not treated so. The one who presumes to be free to break the commands of God and not suffer punishment because they are "chosen" by God will be reproaching God (despising Him or His commandments). the presumption spoken here speaks to an attitude of arrogance, rebellion, audacity, a willful going against the commands of God with impunity, thinking that God will surely not exact the judgment He said would come the one who willfully transgresses His commands.

    One who claims to follow God who acts presumptuously toward Him and His laws have placed themselves above God in determining what one is allowed to do. The chapter says that there is no ordinance (sacrifice or offering) that will bring forgiveness for this type of sinning. The one who acts this way will be cut off from among God's people. His soul shall be cut off and his iniquity shall remain upon him.

    And example of such actions is given in verses 32-36 when an Israelites gathers sticks on the Sabbath to make a fire. He knew the law concerning the Sabbath-all preparations were to be made the day before so that no one would work on the Sabbath. He failed to prepare for the needs of the fire (kind of like the foolish virgins). Also, rather than going without a fire for a day/night, he willfully and knowingly broke the Sabbath law and collected sticks, which was considered working on the Sabbath.

    At first, the people did not know what to do (vs. 34). Then God spoke to Moses about this man. He was to be stoned to death by the people outside the camp.

    After all that grumbling and rebellion prior to this event, it seems that the chastisement of the LORD sank in a little at this time. They knew that they would not enter the promised land because of their sin.
  • GiGi on Numbers 15

    This chapter is God describing to Moses how the Israelites and the foreigners among them are to sacrifice to Him once they are in the promised land.

    First off, God said that the people He delivered from Egypt would take possession of the land He promised to bring them into. God's words do not fail. The people hearing this from Moses would be glad to know that even though they themselves will not enter the land due to their grumbling and rebellion against the LORD (in Ch. 13 and 14), their children under 20 years of age would enter and live in the land of Canaan.

    In Hebrews 11 we are told of all the people of faith who believed God but never received the promise, yet they believed that God would fulfill all He promised ( Heb. 11:13-16, 39-40) God had something better for Abraham, Isaac, Jacob, Moses, and those who suffered for their faith than the land of Canaan. Verse 40 says: "God having provided some better thing for us (who believe in Jesus), that they without us should not be made perfect." These Old Testament saints were not set on living in the physical land promised as much as they looked forward to entering and abiding forever in the heavenly city prepared by our Lord, the dwelling place of those who believe God and His promises are true and worthy of receiving in the life to come.

    We, too, should not hold on to earthly blessings as if they are all we need in life. We need this heavenly dwelling place as much as all who have gone before us. We need the eternal inheritance we receive in Christ. We need to live where Jesus lives in the next life.

    The chapter goes on to describe the various sacrifices and offerings for both the Israelites and Gentiles who enter and are born in the land promised. God made it clear that these ordinances are to be the same for both Israelites and Gentiles living among them. In verse 15, the LORD says that "as ye are, so shall the stranger be before the LORD." Both are the same before God.
  • David0921
    Hello Jema,

    I'm posting this in a separate message because as I indicated I don't want to interrupt the focus of the thread regarding Numbers. And hopefully this will post because I'm not providing any kind of a link.

    You might want to check out a ministry called SearchingHisWord or Alameda Bible Fellowship on the web and/or Youtube. They are not associated with any church or denomination and you will find very Biblical messages and Bible studies built around the principals of Bible interpretation that God lays down in His word. They hold faithfully to the understanding that the Bible alone and in its entirety is the only Word of God.

    Continued blessings to you and everyone as we search the scriptures.
  • Tunney on Isaiah 49
    The LORD is my ROCK in HIM I will hide, for HE is my shelter in the time of storm. I have nothing to fear or regret when I place all things into my LORD'S hands. For my KING the LORD JESUS CHRIST will make all things right and just and I will praise and worship HIM.

    To truly praise and glorify HIM, I must therefore go forward as a soldier of the LORD to plant the seed, to water by helping to nurture disciples and baptizing them; giving to further the work, and having a disciplined and deeply rooted prayer life in HIS word. I will endeavor to study and meditate in HIS word to know the will of my SAVIOR GOD and going out to do the work that I am ordained to do.

    Although, I fall woefully short in my desire to exalt my LORD; I press on for the sake of the high calling of my Savior KING. 2 Peter 3:9; Matthew 28: 18-20; 2 Chronicles 7: 14, 15; 1 Timothy 2:1-4; Psalms 126:6; Romans 10:9-12; Galatians 5:16

    GOD to shine HIS face on all who trust in HIS Word and gloriously bless the works of your hands done in CHRIST Name.

    May 31, 2023
  • S Spencer
    Hi David.

    I agree entirely.

    " if we want to correctly understand any doctrine in the Bible we must look at any and every passage in the entire Bible that relates to that doctrine.

    That was my illustration as well.

    God bless.
  • Pierre1939
    S. Spencer there is an element of truth in what you are saying.....There is another Israel coming but they are spirits as Jesus said that which is born of the spirit is spirit which is the H.G. the Israel of God.... Isaiah 49:10... and Rev.7:16.....Both say they will not hunger nor thirst ever. ....Nor will the sun or any heat lite on them......How cd this be possible simply b/c they are Spirits.....Thats y Jesus is saying that which is BORN of the spirit is spirit which is the H.G. the children of Promise....The Israel of God.... I will multiply thy seed as the stars of heaven thus spirits the H.G. I WILL POUR OUT OF MY SPIRIT ON ALL FLESH.... The good seed is the living word which is spirit and life thus the fruit the wheat has to be spirit which are the Children of Promise the H.G. That Child of Promise.....But we cannot be carnal minded or we will miss this great truth....There is an Israel of God on the Horizon but they are spirits...They are Our new hearts and new spirits....Whosoever receiveth one such child in my name receiveth me....Thats y Jesus said the Kingdom cometh not with observation.....Simply b/c they are Spirits the H.G. that is gonna be as the stars of heaven....An Israel of God....Remember 3 rd person Jacob's name was changed to Israel just prophetic that the Heavenly 3 rd person the H.G. IS the ISRAEL OF GOD....That is gonna be born in us sinners....That hear his words his good seeds.....Thats y he has to know us....The New Jerualem is heaveny meaning in the spiritual realm....But its gonna be right here on this earth....Rev.11:15 The kingdoms of this world have become the Kingdoms of our Lord and His Christ and he shall reign forever and ever....ok leme go....The manchild which is the H.G. the spirit of truth is gonna reprove this world of Sin and Righteousness and Judgement.....
  • GIGI on Numbers 14
    NUMBERS CH. 14

    PART 4 the top of a mountain, saying that they will now go in and take the land promised, because they had sinned. They realized that they had sinned against God by believing the evil report and not trusting God to deliver the land to them. But now they were ready to go into the land and possess it. So, this is what their "repentance" looked like. After they had heard from Moses all that God had said would happen to them, they then were willing to go into the promised land instead of dying in the wilderness.

    Moses tells them to not go into the land because the LORD will not go with them. He had decreed that all these people would die in the wilderness and He would not go back on that decree. Moses tells them that the Amalekites and Canaanites are waiting with their swords and they will be slain right off the bat because they had turned from the LORD and He will not protect them nor go with them to conquer.

    But the people PRESUMED and went up the mountain, but the Amalekites and Canaanites came down the mountain to smote them. The Israelites could not advance into the promised land due to their presence and strength. Thus ends this chapter.

    The word "PRESUMED" is a big word meaning that the people thought that the LORD would surely help them because they were His people. But they were going to do what the LORD disallowed (entering to the land) and their presumption brought them defeat at the hands of the Amalekites and Canaanites.

    We, too, need to be careful of presuming on the Lord that He will spare us or help us or bless us when we step ahead into a sinful way just because we believe. We need to seek His will, not our own and be always thankful and grateful for His mercy, grace, and relationship with us even as we are still sinners.

    This chapter in Numbers is very instructive to us in many ways. I have gleaned a few lessons from it. I hope some of you will read it for yourselves and discover what the Holy Spirit brings forth to you.
  • GIGI on Numbers 14

    PT. 3

    The LORD says to Moses, "I have pardoned according to thy word; But as truly as I live, all the earth shall be filled with the glory of the LORD. Because all those men which have seen my glory, and my miracles, which I did in Egypt and in the wilderness, and have tempted me now these ten times, and have not harkened to my voice, surely they shall not see the land which I swore to their fathers, neither shall any of them that have provoked me see it.:

    Moses is a friend of God. They can reason together because God condescends to hear Moses and consider what he says, not to gain any advice or be softened by Moses' intercession but to reward His friend, Moses, for seeking Him with all of His heart, soul, mind, and strength; for Moses continuing to lead the people as God called him to do; for Moses having a deep love and genuine concern for this nation of people that God has chosen. God knew Moses' heart, all of the thoughts he would ever think or speak, yet the LORD desires to hear Moses and answer his prayers for this rebellious people. How favored Moses was, yet with this favor came great responsibility.

    The LORD goes on to say that only Caleb and Joshua, and all of the chidren younger than 20 years old will enter the promised land. The rest of the people will die in the wilderness as they will wander 1 year for every day the leaders were spying out the land. In forty years, all of the people of Israel over 20 years old will die in the wilderness, except Joshua and Caleb. Moses must have realized that he and Aaron will also die in the wilderness. God was giving the people what they had murmured in God's ear about, dying in the wilderness rather than entering the promised land. (vs. 28). To the men who brought the evil report, God put upon them a plague that killed them swiftly.

    The people mourned when they heard from Moses all that the LORD had said. But this was mourning without repentance. The next morning ...,cont.
  • GiGi on Numbers 14

    This chapter is a continuation of what occurred in chapter 13.

    It begins with the people mourning and weeping all night long after hearing the report of the 10 leaders who went into the land as spies and returned with a faithless negative report. They were downhearted because they had come to the edge of the land promised and feared what lay ahead of them in this land-giants/fortified cities/strong armies. They disbelieved God's power and willingness to fight for them in the battles. On top of this faithlessness, they began to murmur AGAIN against Moses and Aaron. They grumbled about being brought all this way only to die at the hands of the inhabitants of the land ahead of them. They remarked that it would be better for them to go back to Egypt or for God to have them die in the wilderness instead of going into the land to possess it only to be slaughtered. They spoke to one another about choosing a new leader to take them back to Egypt.

    These adult Israelites could not trust God, even after all of the miraculous ways He delivered them already and the miraculous ways He provided for them-manna and quail and water. They could not look at what God had done for them and believe that He would continue to deliver them from their enemies. But it seems that in their case, they themselves were their own worst enemy. Instead of believing in God's power and love like Joshua, Caleb, Moses and Aaron did, they murmured so much that they convinced most of their fellow Israelites to disbelieve and grumble, too. They, as a whole, were convinced that Moses and Aaron were not the best leaders for them anymore, even though God had chosen these two men to be their leaders. Their distrust, unbelief, and badmouthing of God's chosen leaders fomented widespread rebellion throughout the camp (of several million).

    Moses and Aaron prostrated themselves before the people and entreated them to repent and seek God's mercy. Caleb and Joshua rent their clothes. ...cont.
  • Charlie Slaves
    With respect to all.

    We exist within man present in the kingdom of GOD as part (uni-verse) of creation. The great battle between good and evil is within each of us as our spiritual and egotistical aspects define the depths of deception in order to determine what is truth.

    When our understanding is challenged, the foundation upon which our life and faith are built begins to crumble, yet this is but breaking the adulteration to be renewed and return to an innocent child like state, free from doubt and fear.

    King James Bible, authorised version meaning it stands as law above all other man made systematic statute and act. Two testaments bridged by Apocrypha specific in time for spiritual growth in mankind.

    The law by which Christ did abide and instruction how to navigate.

    These discussions here are to define truth in Christ as spirit for all mankind.

    If 'you' feel so strong about the words I say to 'you' then let me know. Perhaps, I can alter them in order for 'you' to understand. That what I said I never meant to hurt 'you' I was only just pointing out the truth to 'you', so 'you' can understand in 'you' what 'you' are meant to do with that which 'you' are doing now.

    Kindly speak directly to me.

  • GiGi on Numbers 13:30


    Caleb believed God and that God would fulfill what He promised to the nation of Israel. Joshua, also, believed God as Caleb did. These two men had faith that could "move mountains". They were faithful servants to God and trustworthy leaders for Moses to depend on.

    Even so, the nation decided to not go and take the land. They wavered in faith in YHWH to deliver them from the giants and the well fortified cities and warriors of the cities. They looked at the situation through the lens of practical analysis, determining that their nation was not strong enough to conquer and possess the land.

    They failed to believe that the land would be given to them by supernatural means by the hand of YHWH and the strength that He would have given the people to destroy the peoples of the land as they went in to possess it. They counted the cost and calculated that they were no match for the giants and armies in the land. But God was desiring to show them His amazing power and favor by bringing down these giants and armies when the men of Israel moved forward in the might and protection of the Mighty One of Israel.

    How disappointed Moses must have been at the failure of the spies to believe God for victory over the peoples of the land promised to them. But Caleb and Joshua proved that they were the ones who could lead this people, not the other 10 chiefs.

    This decision of the people based on the negative report was very evil and costly to them. They forfeited their opportunity to enter the land but instead ended up dying in the wilderness. (everyone from the age of 20 and older never entered the promised land. Only Caleb and Joshua did so of the generation that left Egypt that was 20 years old or more.

    It is a very sad time for the people God had delivered from bondage. Though they were chosen as a people to receive great promises and benefits from being God's covenant people. They blew it royally at the time they were closest to entering in.
  • GiGi on Numbers 13:30

    In this chapter, Moses sends twelve men to be spies to check out the land promised to this nation. Each man was a leader/chief of their tribe, one who was respected and determined to be trustworthy.

    These men went up into the land. At Hebron they saw the three sons of Anak who were giants in stature and strength. The spies noted that the cities were well fortified and able to defend against an attack.

    They also collected food samples to bring back to the camp to show the fruitfulness of the land (as God had promised it to be). They stayed in the land for forty days, getting much information to bring back to the people in the camp.

    The Israelites were camped just south of the border of Canaan. They were still in the wilderness area. They could not see the promised land from where they were camped. Perhaps there was a range of hills to block their view.

    The men returned to camp and gave a mixed report to the people saying that the land was indeed fruitful and desirable for farming and raising livestock and for dwelling. But 10 of the men spoke negatively about the strength and stature of some of the inhabitants. They spoke words of doubt concerning their ability to take the land since God was with them and had delivered them miraculously since leaving Egypt.

    The people had just celebrated a year of travel in the wilderness and camping at Mt. Sinai. Now they were as close as they could get to stepping into the land promised. But the report of the giants in the land and the fortifications of the cities caused the people to decide not to enter the land. They believed the report of men instead of the Word of God that promised them this land. The people were wishy washy about their trust and commitment to YHWH. This event tested their faith and they failed this test.

    Caleb spoke up telling the people that they would be able to take the land from the inhabitants because God had promised the land to them.
  • Landry
    Revelation 17:15 The waters (seas) which thou sawest, where the whore sitteth, are peoples, and multitudes, and nations, and tongues (this is all men, all creation).

    Revelation 21:1 And I saw a new heaven, and a new earth: for the first heaven and the first earth (old covenant) were passed away; and there was no more SEA (whores, peoples, multitudes, nations, and tongues)

    All men DIED (were destroyed) on the cross with Christ, the Old Law of sin and death was crucified on the cross and the New Law of the Spirit of Life in Christ Jesus was RESURRECTED.

    Revelation is the REVEALING of Jesus Christ.

    Only one BODY arose at the RESURRECTION, you are joint heirs of Christ resurrection. Christ ONLY hath immortality.

    1 Timothy 6:19 Christ ONLY hath IMMORTALITY dwelling in the LIGHT (presence of God) ...

    1 Corinthians 15:54 .... this mortal shall put on IMMORTALITY ......

    Romans 8:29 Whom he did foreknow (he foreknew ALL creation) he did also PREDESTINATE (by his resurrection) to be conformed to the image of Christ (being raised together as ONE) ...

    God bless you
  • Richard H Priday on Psalms 98
    Psalm 98

    This Psalm begins in verse 1 with a "new song". The "right arm" which gets the victory along with openly showing His righteousness (verse 2) shows His return after Armageddon to begin ruling with a rod of iron but with justice ( Rev. 2:27; Psalm 9:8).

    There is a new song earlier sung by the 144,000 in heaven at an earlier date ( Rev. 14:3). There is one earlier on though; in Revelation 5:9 which appears to be those raptured and singing to the One worthy to open the seals who has overcome.

    Verses 3 through 6 remind us of His presence being known throughout the earth and celebration to be given with instruments. His mercy and truth to the House of Israel mentioned in verse 3 makes it clear that God has once again salvaged Israel and restored it's covenant promises.

    God judging the world with "equity" is true balanced judgment; not perverted sorts of methodologies which we see so often today. No doubt the prophecy in Isaiah 2:4 will be appropriate as swords are beaten into plowshares. That verse mentions settling "many disputes" as well; and no doubt we will rule and reign with Him in a supporting role over "many cities" for those faithfully following Him now ( Luke 19:17).

    The mention of the sea roaring in verse 7 once again shows this as a Millennial event; as no more sea exists at the end of that time period.
  • Richard H Priday
    Heaven part 6 concluding thoughts for now

    Given the paucity of descriptions of what we shall do other than eternally praise; worship and serve Christ we are left to our imaginations in one sense. We also can have the general anticipation of doing all the things (except marriage and procreation) that we do in our earthly bodies now; but without sin and fulfilling an exponentially greater purpose. Many have surmised how we will continually gain in our knowledge; forever work on construction projects (perhaps in all parts of a new universe) and other such things.

    Backing up a bit; until that time it seems to me a spurious concept that in heaven time doesn't currently exist. If heaven is a world or planet perhaps things are measured differently (as to the Lord a day is as a thousand years); but nonetheless with all the visions from heaven in the scriptures in Revelation there are specific time frames that mirror the book of Daniel. Truly God is beyond time; and perhaps in new bodies and without sin WE will conceive things differently. God however had His consecrated feasts at specific time intervals; primarily to reflect Christ in the future Passover as sacrifice; in Pentecost for the beginning of the church; etc. Angels such as the one in the story of Daniel 10:13 understood literal days; and the 360 day year was used in the time measurements to show the events to come such as the day Christ was to be crucified 483 years after the decree to build the Temple ( Daniel 9:25).

    The dimensions of heaven are clear; but there is no proof it has to be a cube. It could be equidistant on its sides in any shape; really; perhaps shaped as the ancient Temple; or more rectangular with the 12 gates on each side. Just landing that City on earth would destroy things with the gravity of the moon and change the whole appearance of the earth.

    As with any other scripture; literal viewpoints should supercede figurative ones unless evidence is clear that it is symbolic.
  • Richard H Priday
    Heaven Part 5

    There are details about the heavenly city appearing on earth such as in Psalm 48. This shows the fear of the kings of the earth; and would represent a Millennium event. In earlier posts I have discussed how we will rule much like David under Christ who will be the supreme authority during the 1000 year reign. There are other verses about the earth and its peoples which could encompass promises of either the Millennium or eternal Kingdom.

    I have said before that the eternal nature of the earth seems to be proven by several verses and I had thought that was true about the sun and moon but Psalm 72 seems to indicate otherwise. It would seem to show the end of it at the end of the Millennium; no doubt part of the catastrophic destruction at the time. Ecclesiastes 1:4 and several other verses seem to indicate that the earth in some form remains forever. As to exactly how the new universe will be; or if anything exists other than heaven and a new earth is rather mysterious; however. It is very frightening to think of the lake of fire as being what happens when the elements (or atoms) are dissolved in 2 Peter 3:10; perhaps the lost are in an eternal body that is reduced to some strange broken down elemental state. Revelation 22:15 seems to indicate they are just outside the gate. Somehow it would seem that they are infinitely far away from the saints at that time; however as there will be no more crying on our part as Revelation 21:4 shows.

    These changes no doubt will cause the sea to vaporize; hence no more sea ( Rev. 21:1). All in the sea will die in the Tribulation anyway (except that brought to life in the Dead Sea); see Revelation 16:3; and Ezekiel 47:10 with surrounding verses on that context. Again in heaven we shall behold Him and see His marks as Thomas did; the prophecy in Genesis 3:15 had eternal ramifications. We ever shall be reminded of what He did for us.
  • Richard H Priday
    Heaven part 4

    It is hard to imagine the earth without Satan and his oppressive regime as a sort of underground usurper; particularly without man learning the art of war anymore ( Isaiah 2:4). Satan; of course will try to destroy the encampment of God on earth (which will be populated by us no doubt) and will come to a quick end being thrown in the lake of fire with his earlier cohorts he used for his own purposes over 1000 years before.

    When we understand how there will be those saints of all "dispensations" in heaven from the O.T. and N.T. as well as those martyrs who will be resurrected from the Tribulation later to rule as well ( Rev. 7:9). There are disputes on the timing of what constitutes the firstfruits (I tend to think it is several phases); but the point is all these groups will be represented in heaven. And I have stated in earlier posts that the implication of the Great White Throne Judgment is that some will be in the Book of Life; certainly the PHYSICAL survivors allowed into the Millennium who remained faithful; as well as those descendants wo don't rebel and are true believers will have to be accounted for and hence will be translated if they live out the whole 1000 years without dying (at least it would appear so unless instantly killed then resurrected when the elements are melted). 2 Peter 3:10.

    Jesus assured His disciples that He is God of the living ( Matt. 22:32-34) which again eliminates soul sleep and shows where the souls of the departed are (as Revelation also does in Rev. 6:9; later resurrected in Rev. 20:4). The final proof here of consciousness after the grave is the Transfiguration; as well as the example of Lazarus and the rich man (the only parable mentioning a given name hence to be taken literally).

    It is harder to conceive in some ways the physical component of our state as resurrected saints than it is of the spiritual; if we think about it for a minute. We live in faith now of who we haven't seen but we shall see him.
  • Richard H Priday
    Heaven part 3

    Rewards in heaven

    Genesis 15:1 is the only scripture I have found that shows that God Himself is our reward. Certainly it is enough; and will be enough for those saved even without receiving rewards to know that He fulfilled what was needed on their behalf despite only getting to heaven as though "through the fire." ( 1 Cor. 3:15). Hebrews 11:6 states that we MUST believe that he is a rewarder of those who diligently seek Him. That is part of the nature of God; and should help us desire to see our brothers and sisters exalted and rejoice in the small ways God can use our service to help build them up in the faith. The admonition of Revelation 3:11 should also keep us pursuing the Lord until the end as we can lose our rewards to another if not careful.

    I have probably discussed before several pasages on the type of rewards due to particular service which we do based (hopefully) on our gifts and calling. The reader can look up passages related to faithful preaching of the Word (and the more stringent judgments attached to that responsibility); those who patiently await His coming as Malachi 3 discusses with the book of remembrance and other verses talking about patient endurance until the end; and of course rewards for the martyrs for Christ.

    These would no doubt represent levels of authority in some respect in heaven; and I have also brought up the verses in regard to ruling few or many cities; also we could look at 1 Cor. 5:41 for that. We should also note the reward of the evangelist those who lead many to righteousness shining as the stars in Daniel 12:3. That could also refer to end time events as with that of the great multitude martyred seen in heaven in association with the 144,000 taken from the Great Tribulation ( Rev. 7:9).

    To be continued.
  • Richard H Priday
    Heaven Part 2

    In my last post; I talked about Peter. He was revealed who Christ was which could only have come from the Father ( Matt. 16:17).

    The HOLINESS of God is talked about frequently; perhaps easiest remembered in Revelation 4:8-11 (also found in Isaiah 6:3).

    When the Bible describes judgment; and hell viewed on earth such as in Isaiah 66 there is no appreciation of the wicked for His Holiness or any other attributes. Our life as believers is hidden in Christ ( Colossians 3:3) and the verse also talks about how we must be "crucified with Christ". Those who believe have truly "passed from death to life" ( John 5:24 with further insights in 1 John as well). So that is the difference; we have either the eternal state of our spiritual condition to be in our fallen sin which is totally blind to His glory and only focused on self; or we are new creations which are now able to glorify God in heaven (and we start now by being seated in heavenly places ( Eph. 2:6). Therefore we begin now; to rule and reign with Him in a sense-it is a done deal as Romans 8:30; and Ephesians 1:13 states.

    Isaiah 53:11 states that He will see the travail of His soul and be satisfied; quoting a verse from an entire CHAPTER on Christ which is the famous chapter Jews like to ignore because of clear Messianic descriptions matching that of Christ. His satisfaction therefore will be in ruling and reigning WITH us; with the sons of glory (sort of combining Hebrews 2:10 with the concept of Romans 8:17.) He did it to please the Father first and foremost; but also of course has been given all authority on heaven and earth. ( Matt. 28:18). It is strange to conceive ourselves in a similar way; but nonetheless being part of the firstfruits we also suffer for a time then are glorified and rewarded ( 1 Peter 5:10).

    Obviously; as we look to the concept of varying amounts of rewards for either the wicked (punishment) we have the same idea in regard to the saved. ( 1 Cor. 3:15). more in part3
  • Richard H Priday
    Heaven Part One

    Recently a book on the subject (apparently there were several) was studied in small group; in this case one by Randy Alcorn. There were some questions on one of his video shorts and not total agreement; nonetheless other segments and much written in the book seem scripturally solid.

    What we see in scripture shows how saints of God will; at least after the Tribulation and what I believe eschatologically to be the Millennium (and certainly for eternity afterwards) be ruling and reigning on earth. The difference will be in the New Jerusalem being above earth rather than on earth as happens in Revelation 21. I will note that it is the New Jerusalem; not the entire planet or place where heaven is that comes to earth. It would seem that would remain somewhere else. Ezekiel 1:22 seem to suggest an expanse of ice; M.J. Agee seems to think the location is identifiable. For the sake of avoiding unnecessary controversy I will keep the basic premise that it is somewhere beyond our physical universe.

    The key; again is scripture; Jesus stated that "you know where I am going." ( John 14:4-6). The issue where was that they had seen God in Christ who was a member of the Trinity and always did the Father's will. How to get there of course is through the narrow gate which all but the son of Perdition could enter of the 12 Disciples ( Matthew 7:13-14). This is perhaps the biggest point that needs to be hammered home. Other than believing in a literal heaven as being a priority we also need to realize that only by His righteousness can we pass from death to life and most will take the wide road to destruction. That necessitates elimination of any universalist sentiments. I have stated before the concept of 2 Corinthians 7:10 where godly sorrow brings repentance rather than the type Judas Iscariot had as to sadness on the consequences of his actions. Peter showed true repentance because he knew He had betrayed the Son of God who he truly loved.

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