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  • Doslin Green on Colossians 1 - 10 years ago
    Colossion1to the end thi s chapture is the perfect tool to rightousness .please Father God kindly create in me a new heart and a new spirit so I may know and love you more.Glory to God I love you Lord Jesus.
  • Mile on Colossians 1:2 - 10 years ago
    Saints and faithful brethren.

    As a Christian how faithful am I? To The Lord ? To my family ? To my church? Oh God fill me with your Spirit to be a faithful man.
  • Mike on Colossians 1:15 - 10 years ago
    Jesus is the Son of Jehovah the Most High God, only true God, the almighty God, the Sovereign Lord.
  • Darnell Barber on Colossians 1 - 10 years ago
    Colossians chapter one is a fortress fortifying itself in the power of the Holy Ghost within revelation, which builds and rebuilds souls for the war to come.
  • Samuel on Colossians 1:12 - 10 years ago
    This bible verses which i have known in a long time now have been one of my favourites.It empowers to know that we have been "...delivered from the domains of the powers of darkness and bein transferred into the kingdom of his dear son in whom we have redemption.through his blood,even the forgiveness of our sins"what a complete work of REDEMPTION!!! Glory to JEHOVAH. HALLELUYAH!!!
  • Kevin on Colossians 1 - 10 years ago
    I find that Col.Chapt.1 vs. 16 sums up who I am in Christ Jesus. This verse keeps me in place as to my relationship with Him, knowing that I was created by Him for Him is nothing short of breathtaking.
  • Rev. Autrey on Colossians 1 - 10 years ago
    "By him all tings consist." This is translated in the NLB, "... and he holds all creation together. This means that God, through his personality Jesus, sustains all functions, movements, and actions of his creatures. But he gives us freedom to choose our own course within the framework of this sustainability, and to see if we love him.

    Let's state it this way. God (Jesus) sustains and provides all human functions. But man has freedom to determine how these functions are used. We see this all through the Bible. Man is commanded to choose between God and Satan. Then he is judged for his choices. God (Jesus) has determined that this is how he will deal with his creatures. It is out of his infinite wisdom and love for us.

    This is called Free Moral Agency.
  • Art Sanchez on Colossians 1 - 10 years ago
    2 Timothy 1:7 Romans 4:7 for the blessings of God, to do battle 1 chapter Colossains 16 sometime the wrong is in plian sight: put to will comes in time, through the Lord Christ Jesus
  • TRUTHSEEKER on Colossians 1 - 10 years ago
  • Anonymous on Colossians 1:11 - 11 years ago
    What delight to know it is HIs might powerful and glorious streagth I have with in me to endure and do so joyfully. I love this verse.
  • Naaman L.L. on Colossians 1 - 11 years ago
    Thanks be to God our Father for HIS GREAT LOVE TOWARD US HIS CREATION!!! Alleluia! Bless the name above all names!!! King of Kings and Lord of Lords JESUS!!!
  • Gobaka Mohammed on Colossians 1:27 - 11 years ago
    'Christ in me,the hope of Glory'
  • One on Colossians 1 - 11 years ago
    Praise the Lord for he has redeemed us through his willingness to take a beating, be forsaken by those who said they would be with him to his death, only to get left alone, to be slapped, punched in the face repeatedly, spit on, whipped with flesh tearing whips, stabbed on the head with long thorns made into a crown, just to mock him, then after all that, forced to carry the extremely heavy cross, that he was to be nailed to, with long rusty thick nails; strong enough to hold a human body up in the air, nailed through his hands and feet; all that we might, (just for a maybe) make it out of everlasting punishment for our sins............................ Not only did he give us a chance, but he also made us like Marry; Now able to birth the life of Jesus Christ through our bodies, in these present times, that through us; may show God's presents on this earth to those who still remain in darkness, allowing us to be just like Jesus Christ: Blameless, and saviors of our love-ones, friends, family, strangers, and etc; For all those who will receive eternal life, will be just like Christ....... SO I SAY AGAIN; PRAISE HIS HOLY NAME, FOR THE REMAINDER OF THE TIME YOU HAVE ON THIS EARTH, FOR WHAT HE HAS ALREADY DONE FOR YOU, FOR ALL WHO DO; LIVE BY FAITH! HALLELUJAH!
  • Juan Du Plessis on Colossians 1 - 11 years ago
    For me Paul,s revelation of the mystery that Christ is in me, and that is my hope of grory, Jesus is my live He is my all.
  • Grace on Colossians 1:11 - 11 years ago
    For all believers to affect his environment completely through the great love of christ in joy patience, longsuffering and grace.
  • Mugabe Brian Rogers on Colossians 1 - 11 years ago
    As the elect of the most,having recieved forgiveness of our sins,heard the gospel,we ought to live in the knowledge,wisdom and strengthened in mighty
  • Roberta on Colossians 1 - 11 years ago
    What a glorious description of the God we serve! Makes me want to shout!
  • Caleb on Colossians 1:11 - 11 years ago
    A prayer for all believers to be patience and perseve with joy through the glorious power of God that strenghtened.
  • DELE DANIEL on Colossians 1 - 11 years ago
    verse 14 has made it very clear to us that it's only through Christ Jesus that we can be saved and have we our sins forgiven.Halleluyah!
  • Simon Paul Sanchez on Colossians 1:2 - 11 years ago
  • Robert Ross on Colossians 1:15 - 11 years ago
    Paul first emphasizes that Christ is completely God and man. When we look at Jesus we see who God is.
  • Mugabo ben on Colossians 1 - 11 years ago
    For everything, absolutely everything, above and below, visible and invisible.... everything got started in him and finds its purpose in him.
  • Derrick on Colossians 1:11 - 11 years ago
    No matter how rough life gets keep going, don�t give up continue to. Have patience, stay joyful and with that, knowing love will keep you in his arms, to walk you through any and all trials that we may face.
  • Bre bre on Colossians 1:14 - 11 years ago
    It is very useful because I�ve been trying to forgive my mother but I did not know Jesus Christ my savor, but this passage thought me how to forgive her. Then I call her and guess what, now we have a good relationship.
  • Darnell on Colossians 1:15 - 11 years ago
    Did anyone notice that the verse says 'image' of God? Last time I checked the image of something or someone was not the same as being that thing or someone.
  • Yesima k. Collosians 1:28 on Colossians 1 - 11 years ago
    Now is talking about believe, our behavior is what will be the main body of preach that Paul is talking about and to present every unbeliever perfect in Christ. All this chapter is saying is that maturity in Christ is determined by one�s commitment and determination to rest on the gospel of Christ.
  • Francis anyanwu on Colossians 1 - 11 years ago
    Well as we can see the Father and the Son are one, and Jesus is God according to 2 Corinthians 5:19, God was in Christ reconciling the world to Himself. The psalmist says in Psalms 110:1 my Lord said to my Lord. Ephesians 4:32, also says Just as God for Christ�s sake. JESUS IS GOD....
  • Elder Vann on Colossians 1 - 11 years ago
    Isaiah 9:6 Tell us his name shall be called wonderful counsellor,The Mighty God everlasting Father prince of peace.God said in ( Isaiah 43:19) Behold I will do a new thing; now it shall spring forth shall ye not no it? well I guess that being proven.As far as Christ being a man and God at the same time and not! being able to govern the Universe that's a misconception of the human mind. Jesus said to Nicodemus a man who was confused like many here today StJohn 3:12 If I have told you of earthly things and you believe not how shall you believe if I tell you of heavenly things and no man hath ascended up to heaven but the same that came down from heaven even the Son of Man which IS IN HEAVEN!!hello. The Bible dose not say God the Son because The Godhead is not divide because the Son is only the (Word) which is God's prophetic description of himself which he incarnated into flesh. Not another person!! bur the expressed image of his!! person.Hebrews1:3( John 14:9-11) Jesus did not say he that seen me hath seen God the Son he said hath seen the Father ( Colossians 2:9 for in him dwells all the fulness of the Godhead bodily Christ is not a fallen man like us. We can't limit what he can do; because of what we! cant do or don't understand that's why 1Tomothy 3:16 say's its a mystery. Not every one will understand; that's the book that is called the Revelation of Jesus Christ says blessed is him that readeth and understands.( Philippians 2:19)say who being in the form of God thought it not robbery to be equal with God; But made himself of no reputation and took upon him the form of a servant. Yes he dose pray to his own spirit Deity!( Ephesians 1:9 says Having made known unto us the Mystery of his will according to the pleasure which he purposed in himself. Hello!!11th verse who worketth all things after the counsel of his own will.( Isaiah 40:10)Behold the Lord God will come with a strong hand and his arm shall rule for him. verse 13 who hath directed the spirit of the Lord; or being his counsellor hath taught him? with whom took he counsel Who instructed him and taught him in the path of Judgment and taught him Knowledge,and taught to him the way of understanding. Matthew 11:27 All things are delivered to me of my Father and no man knoweth the Son but the Father neither knoweth any man the Father save the Son and HE to whom THE SON WILL REVEAL HIM. So there you no nothing of the father but what Jesus has revealed blessed is he that readeth and understands.
  • Elder Vann on Colossians 1:15 - 11 years ago
    According to to all these Bible scriptures and the Hebrew prophets there is no Son of GOD who is not also! GOD(Hebrews1:6-13) because if he is not God manifest in the flesh then he's not the son of God either ( 1Timothy 3:16) Psalms 100:2 says know ye that the Lord he is God" How many Gods do you think there are? To say that Jesus is separate from God contradicts the words of Jesus himself (StJohn10:30) even the Devil knows there's one God and trembles, to believe there's more than one God is to be a heathen(Deuteronomy6:4 (James2:19) ( Isaiah 9:6_(40:3..6(44:6..8)(45:20..23)(Psalms110) Revelation 22:3..5 tells us int the end there is no more curse but the throne of God and of the Lamb is in it that concludes the whole prophetic word of redemption, once the son ship is over! Jesus Christ in his eternal glory is the eternal God.
  • Maddbj on Colossians 1:14 - 11 years ago
    i love col 1-14 it has power in the message i consider it a prayer

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