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  • Diane Taylor on Galatians 1 - 7 years ago
    Bruce: Gal.1:17 Why did'nt Paul go to Jewusalem to be taught by the twelve apostles? That is what he means when he says that the gospel that he preached is "not after man" He did not learn "his" gospel from the 12 before him. Instead he went to Arabia (most likely to mount Sinai) where he saw our risen Lord Jesus and received new revelations that had never been revealed before, until Paul.
  • Diane Taylor on Galatians 1 - 7 years ago
    Bruce: Read Gal.1:11,12 Simply believe what each word is saying. Take Gods word as truth. Forget what religion has taught you or man and take God at his word for what he says. Stick with KJV only for it is truly the authorized version. Note what Paul says "the gospel which was preached of me is not after man" He received it in new revelations from the risen Lord. The 12 never had those revelations
  • Bruce on Galatians 1 - 7 years ago
    "The Church" Baptized by the Spirit preaching the way of salvation. Thousands were already saved and baptized. Acts2:41 These are the ones Paul was persecuting! "Hitler"of that day! Received mercy, road to Damascus,3days later was Baptized. Nothing new! Ephesians 4:4-5-- One Lord, one faith, one Baptism,---. Genesis 10:5 By these were the isles of the Gentiles Divided--. Always Gentiles,Old--New.
  • Diane Taylor on Galatians 1 - 7 years ago
    Irene 123 Gal.1:23 Paul is speaking of " time past " when he was, past tense in the Jews religion. He at that time in " time past" was an enemy of the Jewish believers. There were no Gentiles then and there was no Body of Christ mentioned until Christ saved Paul and poured out his grace on Paul. A whole new thing happened. The risen glorified Lord in heaven gave only Paul this new body of truth.
  • Irene123 on Galatians 1 - 7 years ago
    To Dianne Taylor - you believe Paul preached a different gospel from the original apostles. So going on down to Gal. 1:23 - "....... now preacheth the faith WHICH HE ONCE DESTROYED."

    Rom. 10:3 - "....... and going about to establish their own righteousness ......."
  • Diane Taylor on Galatians 1 - 7 years ago
    As you read just take God at his word and simply believe the words on the page. Paul says that the gospel that he preaches is not after man. Believe what he says. The gospel that Paul preaches is from the risen glorified Lord Jesus Christ, so it can not be the same gospel that the twelve apostles were preaching when Christ was in the flesh in his earthly ministry to the Jews.Different gospel.
  • John Collins Sr. on Acts 2 - 7 years ago
    I believe Satan is the author of confusion, GOD is not the author of confusion 1 Corinthians 14:33. As also in all his epistles Paul's letters to the churches he established in the BOOK OF ACTS , speaking in them of these things, in which are hard to be understood, which they that are unlearned and unstable wrest twist , as they do also the other scriptures, unto their own destruction. 2 PETER 3:16. These letters were established in the Book of ACTS on PAUL'S missionary journeys. Study to shew thyself approved unto GOD, a workman that needeth not to be ashamed, rightly dividing the word of truth. 2Timothy 2:15. Acts 19:1-6. REMEMBER ALL SCRIPTURE IS BY INSPIRATION OF GOD! 2 Timothy 3:16. Read Ephesians 4:5, Galatians 1: 8-12.
  • Bruce on Galatians 1 - 7 years ago
    Ben:Whoever preaches another "way" let him be accursed.period Not??? There is only one way, the narrow way through the blood of the lamb. Revelations 20:15
  • Lee Littleton on Galatians 1 - 7 years ago
    I believe it is a wonderfull chapter to study and to learn more about the Bible and Christ Live I enjoy reading it and study it.
  • Wayne on Galatians 1 - 7 years ago
    Ben, we have been called to hear the Word and do the word. For hearers and doers will be blessed. We haven't been called to be translaters, changing the meaning and message of the word. All scripture is given to us by the Holy Ghost.
  • Casey on Luke 19 - 7 years ago
    Answering the reference to the comment titled "DENNIS FOR VERSE 11".
    By which gospel are you talking about when you say 'Gospel age' ? We are in the age of grace. Something to chew on: Galatians 1:8 But though we, or an angel from heaven, preach any other gospel...let him be accursed. Rev 14:6 And I saw another angel flying in the midst of heaven, having the everlasting gospel..."
  • Joseph clever on Galatians 1 - 8 years ago
    Yes, indeed, God works our salvation if we surrender to him
  • Stephanie Green -Cammon on Galatians 1 - 8 years ago
    I think Galatians, is ironic and a radical lesson .
    1. Being Pau,l was a persecuter of Christian and turned out to be a Apostle, /minister of Jesus Christ.
    2. Instead of looking at man for his stewardship he searched Christ, as his certifier.Although, I must say psychology this stance from this type of person/ thinker such as Paul, is not a true radical it is a given .
  • Tess on Acts 12 - 8 years ago
    This James was Jesus' brother who became a leader in the Jerusalem church; Acts 15:18 , Galatians 1:9. The James who was killed (Acts12:2) was John's brother and one of the original 12 disciples.
  • Geraldine cole on Galatians 1 - 8 years ago
    U are right now that I think of it Mary had never been with a man the Holy Ghost came threw Mary 's Body to bring Jesus to the Earth threw a Women that had never laid with a Man .so she had No childern at that time.Now when she got married to Joesph their childern came from( flesh) and( blood ) Jesus came from the spirit of God so No he had No blood sister and brother like we do Amen
  • Ben Weaver on Galatians 1 - 8 years ago
    Verse 9: Let him be accursed??? In the Gr. dictionary, this Gr. word anathema; also used in 1 Cor.16:22, is presented as a compound word. Ana is defined as "thoroughly" and thema means "to lay a foundation of faith or doctrine." The word foundation in ch.3:11 is from the same Gr. root as our thema. Paul may have meant, "If anyone is wrong, thoroughly lay the foundation for new testament faith.
  • Geraldine cole on Galatians 1 - 8 years ago
    Never say what u will not do in this life Jesus is in charge no matter what because Paul hated the Christian but he ended up preaching God Word
  • Ahuwa Chiamaka on Galatians 1 - 8 years ago
    God has given the grace to preach about Him His great works
  • Rachel Sears on Galatians 1:19 - 8 years ago
    Only 12 were Apostles, of whom more than one was named James. Brother and brethren can mean kinsman or intimate friend. Look at Abraham and Lot. And David and Jonathan. Why did Jesus place His mother in the care of His dearest friend, the Apostle John, when tradition would have had Mary cared for by any other son when Jesus died. I don't believe Jesus had a brother.
  • RON on Galatians 1:16 - 8 years ago
    Jesus was in Paul, Jesus is in every believer, praise God.
  • Pat on Galatians 1 - 8 years ago
    Paul is saying that he was call by God and no man he is referring to his conversion on the road to Damacus, only God through His resurrected son Jesus who God raise from the dead Paul is saying that He also has been raise from the dead from his past of killings of the church.He is saying that reguardless of the pass, He has been call my the grace of God to Preach a bold Gospel, He is confronting face to face because of Christian backsliding from the true gospel,He is saying that God has call him to the heathen and God has called others aspotles to minister to the Christian.he is speaking of the Gift and call that God had specially place upon his life.
  • Butch on Acts 19:5 - 8 years ago
    In Galatians 1:12. Paul said he receaved his revelation from Jesus Christ, verse 17, neither did he go up to Jerusalem to the apostles before him. So u will see in acts 19. Paul preached the same thing the other apostles preached, baptizem in the name of Jesus Christ, and the gift of the Holy Ghost.
  • Cliff on Galatians 1 - 8 years ago
    For as many as are led by the Spirit of God, they are the sons of God. Romans 8:14 Paul is telling everyone that "God " is the one Who is leading and guiding him. Since it was God,not "man " that revealed the "Truth " to Paul, he knew better than to rely on "man 's " earthly wisdom.God is Faithful and True.So if we follow the Spirit of Truth... Howbeit when he, the Spirit of truth, is come, he will guide you into all truth: for he shall not speak of himself but whatsoever he shall hear, that shall he speak: and he will shew you things to come. John 16:13
  • Ricky Kilgore on Galatians 1 - 8 years ago
    I think Paul meant every Word he spoke to the Galatians because Christ gave him what to say.
  • Omonira Monday .T. on 1 John 2:15 - 9 years ago
    love not the world or the things of the world..... two things that God commands us not to love. 1. ' 'The world ' ',this describes the order,the fashion,the behaviour, and the government that makes up the world, Genesis 6 vs 5,12 2. "things in the world ",these are the evil elements that come out of "the world ". 1st John 2:16,the lust of the flesh works of the flesh, Galatians 1:19 ,the list of the eye 2nd Peter 2:14,the pride of life,this involve power,riches,beauty,position etc. These are what the Bible described as mammon,that is why is a command from God that we should not love them but instead love God with all your hearth.Thank
  • Reinarudo Watanabe on Galatians 1 - 9 years ago
    GALATIANS 1:6-9 COMMENTS 5 9 2015 9:45 PM These verses, Apostle Paul, reproves the Galatians believers for forsaking the gospel of Christ. V6-7 2Cor.11:4 Acts15:1 V8 1Cor.16:22 V9Deut.4:2 12:32 Prov.30:6 Rev.22:18. We standstill into the gospel of Christ that we have received. 1 Cor. 15:3-4 . God bless through by the Lord Jesus Christ. A-men.
  • Norm on Galatians 1:8 - 9 years ago
    The reach of this verse is not limited to Catholic priests only, hence the word PREACHER. A prevalent lie that I hear being preached is eternal hell-fire. If eternal hell-fire included spirits of blood and water then these verses would not be true. Psalms 65:2 O thou that hearest prayer, unto thee shall all flesh come. Psalms 145:21 My mouth shall speak the praise of the LORD: and let all flesh bless his holy name for ever and ever. Luke 3:6 And all flesh shall see the salvation of God. John 17:2 As thou hast given him power over all flesh, that he should give eternal life to as many as thou hast given him. John 17:12 While I was with them in the world, I kept them in thy name: those that thou gavest me I have kept, and none of them is lost, but the son of perdition that the scripture might be fulfilled.......the son of perdition is the anti-Christ, the devil. May the LORD Jesus Christ bless all who yearn for truth and obedience in Him. Amen
  • Kutu moses on Galatians 1 - 9 years ago
    paul was a reall man of God of which leaders of today must copy.
  • Kiyingi francis on Galatians 1 - 9 years ago
    For by the grace of jesus our sins are for given let no man deceive you that you can not be forgiven
  • Galileo S. Arevalo on Galatians 1:8 - 9 years ago
    Do the catholic priests ignore this verse when they teach the praying of the rosary? Jesus, and any of His Apostles never did preach the praying of the rosary... If this prayer was the cause of what those 3 children who testified that they saw Mary, Then still they should not have taught other than what the Bible has not been teaching as what Apostle Paul said in Galacians 1:8...

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