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  • Patti Friar on Mark 9 - 4 years ago
    Why in Mark 9 verse 4, we read about Elias and Moses, but Elias its Elijah, I know Elias may mean Elias but in the question the answer is Elijah.
  • Bob Hilt - In Reply on Mark 9 - 4 years ago
    Greetings Patti, Elias is the Greek rending of the name. Thus proving the new testament was written in Greek, not Hebrew as some claim. Many of Paul's letters or epistles were to Churches in Greek cities, Ephesians, Corinthians etc.
  • Chris - In Reply on Mark 9 - 4 years ago
    Patti, you're correct, Elijah (Hebrew) is the same as Elias (Latin/Greek). In Hebrew, his name is actually Eliyyahu, which means "Yahweh is my God", but we say, Elijah, for easier vocalization in English. In Arabic/Urdu, it is, Ilyas.

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