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  • Orobiyi Isaiah on 1 Kings 13:2 - 4 years ago
    The ashes on the altar symbolize what? 2 who are the high priests that would be offer on the altar?
  • Chris - In Reply on 1 Kings 13:2 - 4 years ago
    In that account you're reading, we see King Jeroboam (a bad king of Israel) had been sacrificing to idols on the altar. Then the man of God (a prophet) came to him & prophesied against that filthy altar that one day, Josiah (a good king of Judah) would desecrate those altars & indeed put the wicked priests themselves upon the altars to be burned. You can then read the rest of that encounter between Jeroboam & the prophet in that chapter, & indeed the folly of that prophet later in his disobedience to God that brought about his death. So the ashes in v 3, are not necessarily symbolic, but just signifying the death of those wicked priests, that both the ashes & the altars will be removed completely.

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