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  • Tina Enix on Joel 2:25 - 3 years ago
    Thank You so much for this BEAUTIFUL BIBLE STUDY from the book of Joel , It has helped me so much !!! I have done what I feel were many things wrong after not realizing that I was suttering from Depression , going through a divorce , dealing with a lot of anger and not getting good paying jobs , having to raise a chid alone . I knew the Lord but Satan slipped in during certain times .I am asking our Dear LORD to please give me a second chance and restore these years with great divine Love to my daughter and my life . May we develop a great life together and our Lord restore a great believing life together , restoring all that we have missed together l THANK YOU SO MUCH for this lovely discussion !!! GOD IS AWESOME !!!
  • Dave Sudlow - In Reply on Joel 2:25 - 3 years ago
    Hope a lot of good things come your way

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