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  • SUMMER COPAS on Jonah 4 - 3 years ago
    What is the meaning of jonah beinginng mad if god is the most high and doing right
  • Spike4187 - In Reply on Jonah 4 - 3 years ago
    Apparently Jonah did not want to even warn the people of Ninevah. He wanted them to be destroyed. Perhaps they were doing things so detestable, so disgusting and revolting when the Lord told him to go preach to them he went the other way. You know the story, Jonah did preach to the people and from the King on down they believed and repented and the Lord withheld his judgment. Jonah on the other had was angry, because he wanted them to die. You see the Lords response to Jonah's attitude. This should give all people hope, our Lord loves mankind and is rich in mercy, we all have a chance. If we repent and believe.

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