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  • Mishael on Judges 9 - 3 years ago

    This website has terrific search boxes and helps, for studying and using commentaries by scholars and teachers.

    When you enter the website there is one box for words or phrases you recall;

    Second box is to search a scripture

    Tap the verse you want to read Comments on and it will highlight yellow. Scroll downward to open the Commentary on that Scripture.

    There's a link nearby that to read commentary on Memorable room comments which may help you. Already written comments.

    There's a quickie Google Link to try and find scriptures you can't quite recall all of it. Very helpful!! You just back arrow to where you had been.

    Pray for a few people in prayer requests? It is very rewarding to help others. Useful preaching like Jesus does.

    Check out all the links in the red section. It has some great teaching for people who want to know what being born again means.

    Down near the bottom of this screen is

    1-30 pages of daily history from Community Rooms. There's 254+ pages.

    It's useful when you've been waiting on a question you want answers to.


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