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  • Scott on Jonah 4 - 3 years ago
    Jonah 4:2 reveals the prophet's knowledge of God and His character of mercy and compassion. He knew God so well, but refused to be like Him. God's desire for Israel was to use them to display the glory of God and draw the world to God. Instead, Jonah exemplifies Israel's arrogance in claiming "those people" are undeserving of the grace extended to themselves from a loving God.

    This attitude resulted in the religious leaders of Christ's day putting Him on a cross, rejecting His message of salvation. Their sinful response provided for our salvation and the creation of the church, Christ's bride. Now we are to be "one" with Christ and display His compassion and mercy while speaking to all people's of His love and forgiveness available to them through Calvary. His church - meaning each Christian - is commissioned to make disciples, and commanded to deny ourselves and take up our cross daily.

    Do I really believe God is full of mercy and compassion? What I do with God's message of forgiveness and mercy through offering Jesus Christ's salvation and calling for sinners to repent = the answer to that question.

    In chapter 1 Jonah never prays to God, but tries to run away. As we understand God's call for us to give the gospel to the world, prayer for wisdom, power, and love for sinners should be our "first priority". Jonah also teaches me to understand anytime I think of some one or people group as "those people", I need to humble myself and realize we are all "one people" in God's eyes. No one is more undeserving of God's love than I am. The fact that He brought the knowledge of the gospel to me is proof He can save anyone who repents of sin and takes Christ as Lord and Saviour. Amen!
  • Chris - In Reply on Jonah 4 - 3 years ago
    Scott, you shared great insights to the Mind of God & the carnal mind of man (Israel). And a great challenge to us, to personal introspection of our thoughts & motives resulting of the Work of the Cross in our lives.

    No one is outside the bounds of God's Love & Mercy & we need to have that always before us as we look at others, seeing them & understanding them as God does. Not always easy to do as our eyes & minds sometimes get clouded, but the Spirit speaks expressly & clearly in every facet of our lives. Thank you again for that worthy & timely message.

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