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  • Rick Colombe on Ezra 6 - 3 years ago
    Has anyone have a thoughts as to where or ark of the covenant might be? Is it hidden away somewhere?
  • Rod - In Reply on Ezra 6 - 3 years ago
    Just my thoughts, if you look at all the miracles of Israel, that it is even a nation with all the adversities it has had to deal with, is amazing. Israel was desolate for some 2000 years, and just as it became a nation again in 1948 the dead sea scrolls were found, coincidence, somehow I doubt it. So I'm sure God would have taken care of the Ark also and it will be presented in His time. But none the less it is fun to speculate, Have a great day.
  • S Spencer - In Reply on Ezra 6 - 3 years ago
    It's speculation that it's in Ethiopia, they claim the have it in the basement at a church,

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