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  • Guineith on Isaiah 5 - 2 years ago
    King James spoke Scottish Gaelic (Gaidhlig)as a first language, because he was a Scottish King and a Highlander Chief, and in Hebrew the word for "Grave" (Abode of the Dead) is Seol. In Gaidhlig, there is a similar sounding word which means to plant, to place, to put, to go on a journey, to sail (Seol). This would include to plant in the ground (as in a tree) or to put in a grave, or to travel on a journey (as the soul would, after Death (except the Gaelic word is a verb, not a noun). So, on a play of words, the Hebrew Seol was kept, and because, in Gaelic, you cannot begin a word with the letter H, Seol was lenited into Sheol (changes meaning from "put" to "to put" or "put" in the past tense) as in, to make (or have made) someone to have a "dirt nap" or go on a "Long Journey" (never coming back, dead!)

    The joke or pun is, Sheol in Gaelic actually sounds like the English word Hell, and that's the whole idea...
  • English sacha - In Reply on Isaiah 5 - 2 years ago
    Wow , thank you , that's so informative ! I appreciate your knowledge . Hope you will stay around to help us out some more please .

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