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  • David on 1 Chronicles 24 - 2 years ago
    Reply to Questions in 1 Chronicles 24 by Sacha

    Hey Sacha! My prayer is simple - all your inquiries are genuine and that you truly seek the truth. I say this because your questions remind me of the time that the apostle Paul was on Mars Hill in Athens ( Acts 17) talking to the people gathered there.

    All of your questions are readily answered and covered in the scriptures. I recommend you read the KJV of the Bible. The questions you raised are not anything to be surprised at, nor to get excited about. You have not stated that you don't believe in the devil, just in a certain behavior by him.

    I agree with you about hell, because there are the ignorant and sinners in heaven also (like me), and the demons don't do the torturing in hell.

    I agree with you whole heartedly, that I too do not believe "any" will go to heaven, only a certain group (of which I am a part of).

    As far as the scriptures you have referenced - Mark 13: 32 and Genesis 22- to truly understand them you must read and study it in its entirety. I mean the whole chapter should be read and especially the complete Bible.

    However, truth cannot be understood unless you have the same mind as the Author of the Scriptures. You must be born again to understand the whole counsel of the Lord God Jesus Christ.

    From your other posts on this forum, you seem to be knowledgeable of the Words of God. I thank you for your kind words of blessing from your god. I extend to you the blessings of the true God of the Scriptures of whom I serve. May His face shine on you and your family.

    September 20, 2021

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