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  • Margery F Wilson on Matthew 27 - 2 years ago
    Is there any place in the Bible that during the crucifiction Jesus said to one of the thieves being crucified next to Jesus that Jesus said to him "because you believe you will be with me today in Heaven".
  • Messenger - In Reply on Matthew 27 - 2 years ago
    Luke 23:42,43

    And Jesus said unto (to) him, Verily I say unto thee (to you), To day shalt thou (you shall) be with me in paradise. ("Today" means john 3:16,17. that this criminal will be forgiven by means of his repentance and faith. he will live forever on earth by means of Jesus Christ one for all ransom sacrifice.)

    Paradise is on EARTH:

    Psalms 37:9-11,29,34

    144,000 taken from earth will rule with Christ for 1,000 years

    bringing the earth back to Jehovah's ( psalm 83:18) original plan:

    Revelation 14:3; 20 Chapter

    I hope this helps. Thanks
  • Chris - In Reply on Matthew 27 - 2 years ago
    Margery, you can read that account in Luke 23:39-43.
  • Margery F Wilson - In Reply on Matthew 27 - 2 years ago
    Thank you so much. I knew it was there just didn't know the right place! Thanks again.

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