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  • Bryan wade on Mark 9 - 2 years ago
    When Jesus said, "This kind" in verse 19 was he saying that there are some spirits that require fast and prayer, or was "this kind" referring to the disbelief of the disciples that stopped them from dealing with the unclean Spirit.
  • Chris - In Reply on Mark 9 - 2 years ago
    Hello Bryan. I understand your reference was to Mark 9:29, to which I believe that Jesus was speaking about particular spirits. As there would be a hierarchy in both the good & evil spirit realm, there appears to be in this instance a particularly nasty variety (v22) that also required one to have a greater focus (by prayer & fasting) which an ordinary command made in faith could not achieve. Jesus' disciples may not have reached that stage in their learning of the gradation of spirits & were thus left floundering & helpless. This is just my understanding - hopefully you may get other views, maybe based on some experience, which I have not.
  • Rick - In Reply on Mark 9 - 2 years ago
    To add to what was already shared in the book of Acts chapter 19 is the Record of certain vagabond Jews Known as exorcists took upon them to call over them which had evil or devil spirits the name of jesus. Take note it says Jesus I know and Paul I know but who are you, the adversaries realm knows those who are born again and walking in faith also take note who the spirit attacks and ransacks so to speak. Also exorcists are operated by devil spirits so what you have is a higher ranking one fighting lowering ranking ones. The enemies realm is total chaos people are controlled by these spirit entities.

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