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  • GiGi on Genesis 24:12 - 2 years ago
    This is the wonderful account of how Isaac and Rebekah's marriage came about. Everyone in this story had faith in God. It states that God had told Abraham to take a wife for Isaac from his direct kin. It doesn't record the encounter of this conversation between God and Abraham, but Abraham's emphasizes it as being important. Sarah had died. Abraham was about 137 years old. He and Isaac did not have any kinsmen living any where near them, But the promised seed was to come from the lineage of Adam, Seth, Noah, Shem, on down to Abraham. There were many descendants of Shem around Mesopotamia, but God had chosen Abraham and his lineage for the seed to proceed from according to God' promise. Therefore, Isaac could not take a wife from the Canaanites because they were from the lineage of Ham, not Shem. So, Abraham had his most trusted servant, probably Eliezer, to swear an oath to get a wife from Abraham's brother, Nahor's household in Haran in northern Mesopotamia. The servant put his hand under Abraham's thigh to seal the oath, which was done in those days, it seems, or it was done because the under-thigh is so near the genitals that it is an acknowledgment of the promise that the promised seed would be generated through Abraham. It showed that Abraham was determined in his faith to follow God's direction to realize the promise and honor the covenant God had made with him and no one else. So, the servant prepared everything he needed to take on the journey and set off with other servants and many camels loaded with gifts for the family of Isaac's bride. (probably customary). The servant was faithful, going to Haran and no other place. Abraham didn't know his relatives much. Probably hadn't seen them in 50 years or so. The servant could have picked any woman in the area. There probably would be a family resemblance. But, the servant was trustworthy and feared God. I am so impressed by his prayer for God to bring the woman to the well and the conditions. See more ...

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