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  • GiGi on Genesis 24:12 - 2 years ago
    ... continued... the servant asked for a sign and it happened just at the moment he said his last word of his prayer. God made this happen, though Rebekah had no idea that anyone would be coming for her, and the servant did not know who to inquire of about Nahor's family . A perfect meeting! The servant didn't stop praying through the whole process. He wanted to be so positive that he brings back the right woman for Isaac.

    Rebekah turned out to be a very gracious and kind woman. She answered all of the servant's requests with hospitality. Her family was welcoming. It was interesting that they did not inquire much about Abraham. They may not have known much about Abraham's calling as this may have been one of the few contacts they had concerning their relative. They were willing to have Rebekah be Isaac's wife, but wanted more time with her. They hadn't woken up that day thinking that Rebekah would leave to marry that day. They asked Rebekah, which they probably did not have to do, as marriages may have been decided between the men of the household. She was ready to go right away. Who knows how God had guided and stirred her heart that day to agree to leave her family, whom she obviously loved, and go to a far away place and perhaps never see her family again. Her grandmother, Milcah, Haran's daughter and Nahor's wife was still alive and lived with her son, Bethual and wife, and granddaughter Rebekah. She had grown up with Abraham, being in his generation. She was probably very happy that her daughter would become part of her cousin's family, since her father had died so long ago. Nahor must have also died, as he is not mentioned and the city was named after him. The family recognized this event as being from the Lord. Good to know that they still believed. Laban, Rebekah's brother will later become father-in-law to Jacob, son of Isaac and Rebekah. So Jacob and his wives would be third cousins one generation removed, I believe. Bethuel and Isaac were first cousins

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