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  • David on Lamentations 3 - 2 years ago
    Continued from last post:

    Because of my transgressions, my enemies and those against my GOD, blaspheme HIS Holy Name and Character. I have given the lost further grounds to mistrust my KING and LORD of my life the LORD JESUS CHRIST. I know that they will receive the recompense according to the work of their hands. They will be covered with sorrow of heart, and cursed, persecuted, and destroyed from the Righteous anger from under the heavens of the LORD.

    However, compassionate LORD GOD, thank YOU as YOU bless all who will turn to YOU and give praise and glory unto the LIVING GOD, the anointed ONE - the LORD JESUS CHRIST. Thank YOU FATHER for hearing our cries and blessing all those who call YOU GOD and KING today.

    I hope and quietly wait for YOUR appearance in the clouds. YOUR saints await the shout of YOUR VOICE "to come up hither."

    Our wait for the LORD should be a "working" while waiting. Reminds me of an gospel song:

    "Sowing in the morning, sowing seeds of kindness,

    Sowing in the noontide and the dewy eve;Waiting for the harvest, and and the time of reaping,

    We shall come rejoicing, bringing in the sheaves"

    "Bringing In the Sheaves" Written By Knowles Shaw; Psalm 126:6

    I pray LORD for YOUR intercession regarding Russia/Ukraine. Our President Biden and his administration turns to Your wisdom and lean not unto his own understanding. Praying for comfort and peace unto those who are contemplating abortion; that they find joy and love in Christ Jesus.

    Thank You LORD for hearing and answering our cries and supplications.

    March 18, 2022

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