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  • Alex N on Zechariah 12 - 2 years ago
    I love to think about this Jesse David and Solomon Kingdom....I see these 3 men as being symbolic of the heavenly Kingdom/ Trinity...In Isaiah 11 :1 Isaiah uses these 3 men which were Father Son and Granson as being symbolic of a kingdom coming in the last days...When God was gonna visit his ppl the 2 nd time ...There shall come forth a rod out of the stem of Jesse...Which was David a type of Christ that came outa of the stem of God Almighty..And a branch shall come out of Davids loins which was Solomon the Granson ... Isaiah 11 :11 .... Isaiah cd not use these 3 men as symbolic of a kingdom coming in the last day simply b/c they had all been dead for approx. 300 yrs ...All this was just prophetic that a Heavenly Kingdom that wd come the last days when God wd visit his ppl the 2 nd time...This 2 nd coming and this last day Kingdom wd be a Trinity kingdom of FATHER SON AND GRANSON That wd be multiplied as the Stars of heaven...The H.G. is the 3 rd person The Child that comes out of Christ loins...Thats y Isaiah referes to Jesus as everlasting Father simply b/c he propagates very God with his words his breath which is his seed.

    ...Also this Abrahamic Trinity was Father Son and Granson...That God Promised to multiply as the sands of seas in multitudes.

    ....When God told Moses that his NAME was Abraham Issac and Jacob that is just prophetic that his Kingdom wd be a father Son and Granson Kingdom without this Granson Jacob and the 12 tribes this Abrahamic Trinity cd not be multiplied as the Sands of the Seas....And thats the way the Heavenly Kingdom the H.G. An Israel of God will be multiplied as the stars of heaven by the Regeneration of the H.G...When the sower will go forth to sow his precious seed in humanity...Resulting in a birth of Christ in everybody....Thats the New Covenant an intimacy with Humanity...I will know them all from the least to the greatest Thus there will be an Israel of God as the Stars of Heaven in multitude .GB

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