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  • Godslion on Matthew 27 - 1 year ago
    And the day shall burn like a furnace.
  • Alex N - In Reply on Matthew 27 - 1 year ago
    Amen Godlions as God is gonna pour out of his spirit on all flesh...And our God is a consuming fire ...But his fire is spirit which is the H.G. a consuming fire....That is gonna consume mans adamic nature....which is the rich man satan That owns everything...The slain of the lord is gonna be many....Which is mans adamic nature ...satan and his angels in our hearts and minds.

    ...... Malachi 4 :1 For behold the day of the lord cometh that shall burn as an oven ( furnace ) and all the proud and them that do wickely shall be burnt up....Which is satan and his angels and mans adamic nature that is in rank with satan....Remember Jesus called peter satan simply b/c peter had not been converted just yet...Remember our God is a consuming fire and thank God thats what mankinds needs....A new heart and a new spirit...After our old heart and spirit is consumed by his fire of the H.G. WHICH IS HIS JUDGEMENT....Whom the lord loveth he chastens with the fire of the H.G....The day of the lord will indeed burn as a furnace and thank God for that furnace....The fire of the H.G. THE FURNACE OF GOD.

    ......I Dreamed one nite that went to heavens Gate and i asked the angels to see Jesus..Finally he came and i asked him to be with him and he asked me if i cd go thru the Furnace of fire and i replied yes....And he said step back till we get the furnace ready....And there was a phone near by and i called my mom and told her that i wd not see her again i was gonna die in the furnace of fire....And here comes an angel saying the furnace is now ready....Then i instantly became 3 ppl...My 1st person ran into the furnace and my 2 nd person ran to it also...But when my 3 rd person got to the door of the furnace i thought about my Children and i stopped....And i woke up crying praying plz lord be merciful to me sinner...That was back in 1968...55 yrs ago

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