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  • Donna G.Warren on Micah 6 - 1 year ago
    The incidence of cutting behaviors in teens & young adults has only risen . There are a multitude of reasons why. Treatment or @ least discussion s needs to happen before anything else happens.Teens in need,need our help,support. I have seen this unfortunately time & again in the ER as a health care professional as well as other actions indicating cries for help along with other actions such as overdoses,more severe physical actions such as slitting their wrists, hanging themselves, shooting themselves. It isn't just about teens who are marginalyzed,it can also be a popular teen who is dealing with something. Kids are under alot of stress & pressure,even Christians & this was before covid. Its a huge issue!The resource previously mentioned in comments is a good one .
  • GiGi - In Reply on Micah 6 - 1 year ago
    Dear Donna,

    I was just thinking last night that we haven't heard from you for a will. Glad to be able to share with you again.

    I did not know that you work in health care.

    Yes, there are so many problems like you you described going on in our society nowadays. People need the Lord so much and the feeling of hopelessness that these people feel is only magnified without Him. Satan is using mental illness, despair, stress, addiction to steal, kill, and destroy so many vulnerable people. At times, it happens to ones we least expect.

    I wish we could know how to help these people better and recognize signs and symptoms in advance of some horrible action as you describe. I have two sons with anxiety/depression disorder and they are prodigals. I continue to pray for them to return to the Lord and support them in getting medical treatment to have the proper medications to keep them as normal as possible.

    But, to say the least, it is worrisome, as at their ages (in their 30's) they are independent enough to blow me off completely and be destructive to themselves. But I offer up my worry and stress about my sons to Jesus daily and pray for them and speak to the Lord that I am confident in Him to care for my sons and to turn their hearts back to Him again.

    Donna, how are you doing lately? How is your son Daniel doing?

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