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  • Richard H Priday on Revelation 22 - 1 year ago
    Concluding thoughts continued in Rev. 22

    Therefore; many may be genuinely shocked when the Lord says that He never knew them and they ask for entrance into heaven. ( Matt. 7:21). Sadly; many never will know the depths of their own depravity until they enter hell; surely then they will know how helpless they are; although there will be no love and appreciation for a Holy God. The biggest message I can see here is that we must in this life be saved; as well as love God. Mankind in his natural state can fear God but cannot love Him; nor Christ who the Father sent to die in our place. All believers are called to share in the sufferings of Christ; and to bear their own cross daily. ( Romans 8:17; Matt. 16:24). Only believers can understand being part of the Body of Christ and fellowship of the saints. ( 1 John 1:3 and many other passages). We must die to ourselves daily ( Galatians 2:20). This involves selfless acts; but also has to have a heart change ( Ezekiel 36:26). To be drawn to the light is the state of those who He has called to be His children and chosen ( John 3:21).

    As my last commentary stated; we are not to worry about whether we are elected by God; at least as some curiousity or intellectual concept. Our responsibility is ultimately ours to test ourselves to see if we are in the faith ( 2 Cor. 13:5). His Spirit communes with our spirit to show us if we are of God ( Romans 8:16).

    Verses 18 through 19 reminds us of the seriousness of God's Word. No other religions or other writings that change the Word of God or create another method of salvation; another Christ etc. are to be tolerated (See Galatians 1:8). Such a reverent fear of God's Word today is sorely lacking. Many probably don't believe these things are really going to be this bad; sadly a former Pastor of mine used to have these thoughts when reading the Book of Isaiah. If the rich man in hell is any example; no one there will be grateful for our lackluster witness here now.

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