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  • Troy Sanders on Luke 6:37 - 1 year ago
    Here we are a New Year is here so before its to late ask Jesus into your Heart & do it from a heavenly standard not from a worldly way if you understand where im coming from you have to be completely tired of trying to do it on your own tell Jesus Christ that you are sorry and that you would like to be his complete vessle and REPENT out of the fact that you have hurt our father in heaven dont be sorry to your parents,kids,wife,boss,dogg etc none of that matters be sorry unto our LORD IN HEAVEN FATHER,SON,& THE HOLY SPIRIT if you do this and mean it with your complete heart GOD WILL SHOW YOU THINGS THAT YOU CANT EVEN FATHOM GOD BLESS THE WORLD LOVE JESUS
  • Anonymous - In Reply on Luke 6:37 - 1 year ago
    Ok i will

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