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  • GiGi on Leviticus 25 - 1 year ago
    Leviticus Chapter 25, verses 35-55

    The first part of this chapter dealt with how the Israelites are to give the land "rest" every 7 years and every 50th year.

    This last half of the chapter deals with how the Israelites are to deal with one another in the Sabbath years.

    Verse 35 begins by requiring the Israelites to help each other when one become poor, just as they are to do for the strangers or those passing through (sojourners). Taking care of the poor is prominent in this chapter as God does not want His people to be destitute nor a great disparity between the rich and poor. Since He promised to bless them abundantly, there would be plenty for them to share with others in need, even to the point of having a poor person live with you.

    God speaks about indebtedness and that one is not to charge interest or practice usury. When caring for the poor, especially if their is need for them to live with you, one is not to charge them for staying at one's house, for food, and certainly not charging interest. This practice keeps those who have wealth from exploiting the poor.

    God goes on to speak of a neighbor who, due to poverty, wishes to become an indentured servant to a neighbor of means. God says that he can sell himself to you as a worker, but one cannot compel one to be a slave because they are not to own one another. This servant will be paid for his work and will be released from any monetary obligations in the Jubilee year and be freed from further service. In the Jubilee, this servant will depart the household with his family and return to his family and the family land possession.

    The LORD emphasized in verse 42 that these servants are His servants who He brought out of slavery in Egypt, therefore they cannot be sold as slaves. As a master, one is not to rule over them with rigor or harsh treatment of unreasonable work demands. However, the Israelites could own slaves from the people of other nations who live among them. Adults and children can be slaves

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