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  • Paul David on Matthew 10:16 - 1 year ago
    **Pray for**

    **The Latter Day RAINS** (Zachariah 10:1) to come & wash our minds from what we think & our hearts from what we desire, that The MESSIAH may bless our minds to dwell on what The HE thinks & fill our hearts with what

    *HE desires* to be done. For the good works of men are filthy rags & *The MESSIAH's Works* *endure For-Ever* & never a lack to their IN-crease. Who do you want to work for?

    Pray for

    *The POWER* of

    The MESSIAH in

    *The might of HIS strength* (Ephesians6:10 -17). And all 6 qualities mentioned of HIS great ARMOR. If we seek them out with all our heart&put on the 1st- 6 gifts, is it not his will to show us the *7th greater gift.

    Pray without ceasing(meaning morning&evening) that we may

    *be filled* with

    *the full knowledge* of

    *HIS will* for us in

    *all wisdom* &

    *spiritual understanding* (Colossians1:9).

    Pray like the mighty & receive like the mighty, HE is not a respecter of mankind what HE has done for one, HE will do for another !!

    That we may go forth girded up in HIS Truth, in HIS Power uncovering the great deceit in the last days & expose it with HIS Truth, silencing the scoffers in love & leading many to HIS magnificent Truth.

    Pray for YAHSHUA to send HIS Word that The SPIRIT of YAHWEH may bring IT to our remembrance, teaching us how our prayers may come in before HIM w/the fibrant prayer(the knocking) of the righteous(is it not written,James&Paul knew). That HE may open HE's gates w/Thanksgiving & enter into HIS courts w/praise, that HE may hear our prayers as sweet incense & act upon them(king David & John the Revelator knew). Because we pray according to The SPIRIT of Truth bringing to our remembrance The LivingWORD of The Magnificent SON, The MOUTHPIECE of The FATHER YAHWEH unto all the creation !!

    Let us pray to be among them, that ar jump higher &shouting louder, great thanksgiving & praise, crying out look what YAHSHUA can do with a lowly one like me!

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