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  • Richard H Priday - 1 year ago
    A final warning on appearance of Antichrist

    No doubt a repeated theme; it seems prescient to once again drive home the point that "peace and security" will be the mantra bringing in the Antichrist to launching his campaign to take over the world. ( 1 Thess. 5:3). The "bloodless coup" which Revelation 6:1 seems to indicate will be accompanied by a man of intrigue understanding "dark sentences" ( Daniel 8:23). That verse is also packed with the description of all world rulers at the peak of corruption at the time this event occurs. These verses indicate occult origins; which the reader will note was prevalent particularly with Adolf Hitler in World War two.

    No doubt like a chameleon this man will be able to give an appearance that will appeal to men of all audiences. As to the amount of success he will have with his military resume before this time is somewhat speculative; it would seem from Daniel 7:8 that his description as the "little horn" means that he comes from relative obsurity; then suddenly starts controlling the world scene. The Abraham accords which encompass dividing the land for gain ( Dan. 11:39) through massive economic payments and redistribution certainly seem like they will be the catalyst or at least one major component of the Daniel 9:27 confirming of this covenant.

    Just how he will pull off explaining the Resurrection of the dead and the Rapture is subject to speculation. It is also uncertain exactly when the first seal event occurs; it seems that it could be immediately after the Rapture; but perhaps there will be a time of transition beforehand just to alleviate the inevitable chaos; if indeed my eschatological view is correct on the Pre-Trib rapture.

    Resistance on a human level based on the previous scriptural references clearly is going to be futile (see also Rev. 13:4). No doubt the full power will come after the assassination and possession (I contend with the angel from the abyss Rev. 9:11.)

    see Zech 11:17.
  • Frankie J - In Reply - 1 year ago

    Christ has already come & that in Spirit, He told His disciples; Mark 9:1; Matt 16:28; over 2000 yrs ago, which came in full power at Pentecost.

    I will not leave you comfortless, but you will see me again, that your joy maybe full, & Christ doesn't come alone, He brings His Father within Him, They became Ephesians 2:22; John 17:21-23; & they Micah 4:3;

    Hebrews 9:28; is Titus 2:11; diffusing the fragrance of His knowledge in every heart. 2Cor 4:6 This is Titus 2:13; describing His 2nd appearance in Spirit. Who continually gives of Himself that Titus 2:14;

    As for this son of perdition; it's the old Adamic nature that is rule by Ephesians 6:12; who's coming 2Thessalonians 2:9; this spirit works even deceive the very elect, who, we all must engage with within 2 Cor 10:3-5; Jesus says; Matt 15:18,19; for out of the abundance of the heart the mouth speaks, so their within us. Think about this, we all have these thoughts spring up within us, 1 Pet 4:3; thus Jesus commands; Luke 14:27; The ones, Satan does deceive is explain, 2 Thessalonians 2:10-12; they refuse to believe the Witness, whom God has place within conscience. John 16:8; John 12:47-50; Jesus says, 8:24; Therefore were He has gone one cannot go.

    Both seeds are spiritual, both kingdoms are within mankind.

    This rapture theory John 17:11:15 "not to take them out of the world". But describes receiving 1Pet 1:5-9;The cumulation is the Baptism of the Holy Spirt, describing 2 Cor 10:6; resulting from Titus 3:5; by 1Pet 1:23; unto John 3:3; the chaff, ( old man sin nature is thoroughly purges out without a trace, Daniel 2:34,35; these earthen vessels, 1Cor 15:48,49; ) the wheat (new man created in the image of Him that created him) is gather unto the Gardener, we're His & He's ours, Acts 1:9-11; Daniel 7:13;

    It's a spiritual encounter & habitation with the One true God, John 17:24; here & now, Acts 4:32,33;

    Do you perceive the wonderous honor & glory of God's Great Salvation, on earth as it is in heaven.

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