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  • Bennymkje - 8 months ago
    Growing up in a Christian family where the word of God held the pride of place, my love for the word was very natural. At the age of four I had an idea what God was like and my explanation amazed my Sunday school teacher to recount it to my father some forty years later. Seventy years of living with books of all shades and topics what remained with me constant was the Bible. After writing some two dozens of books I turned my back on secular literature in 2014. In the late eighties I wanted to run a tabloid Herald of Peace in order to showcase the Bible stories including the Book of Revelation in graphic novel format, which I stopped since my marriage was floundering and I was not in control of situation at home. As a Christian I must live honorable life before God and man, which was not possible. So I had to move on. And God preserved as he did with Jacob,- from the house of Laban it was to rely solely on God who uprooted from one continent to another and set me up at my present place. I began a Bible blog and embarked on compiling Bible dictionary in three volumes, and in five months it was done because the Holy Spirit had taken over my life and looking back I see that my life was shaped even before I am born. So eighty years do not tell anything. Am I touting my book seriously? Not really. I present what I have received and may God open the hearts from vain things as he did with my life. Like five loaves in the hands of my Savior it shall feed many in his time. He taught me patience even while so much was going for me as an artist, hymn writer and one by one he shut me from them. Near blind He has opened wondrous things before me so I do not complain. He taught me contentment while I practised as an architect for twenty-five years and after closing my private practice I devote time for writing. Traditional publishers may not want to review the dictionary but I have written for His glory and I rest on his promises, Amen
  • Bennymkje - In Reply - 8 months ago
    Both Bible books and secular books you shall find with Amazon. I have written under my own name Benny Thomas and pen name Q-Bitz. Marginalia, a concise guide to the Bible in 2 volumes, Annotated Genesis for example.
  • Truth-or-Death - In Reply - 8 months ago
    I'd like to see this book you wrote, it sounds interesting. What is the title?

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