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  • Jim Miller - 8 months ago
    I would like to share a real-life event as to how God worked in a person's life. There is a female who is I'd say middle-aged who works in another division which I usually go there about once a month. She works the night shift and when I arrive at 7 a.m. it is the end of her shift. I usually show up early so I showed up 30 minutes early. I had been doing A LOT of bible study and just felt moved to ask her if she was a "Christian." Her response and "body language" gave away immediately that she was not. First, she stated in a Studder Well I "grew up in a Christian home." My first mental response was that meant nothing. I felt moved to press a little more and I asked what "translation" you read? At this point, she is squirming in her seat as if I am a police investigator questioning her under a spotlight. Her response was "one of the newer ones." Which one I responded? She replied I am not sure but the King James is hard to read. I ended the questioning as I could feel in my Spirit that she was NOT saved!

    Now the Lord later that day laid on my heart to purchase a book called "The Purpose Driven Life, by Rick Warran" It is a famous book that is basically kindergarten theology. So I went on online and ordered a used one in great condition only cost me $8.00. I kept the book in my car so I wouldn't forget to give it to her since I only see her once a month.

    Now, a few days before I see this woman again I run into a Christian at Walmart... I was moved to speak with him and he shared something with me. When witnessing don't give too much.. Like a doctor don't overwhelm the patient with medical jargon keep it simple.

    Okay so now today was the next month and I saw her. I pulled the book out and told her I have a book you might enjoy and you can have it. It is meant to be read one chapter per day for forty days. She thanked me and said my mother told me about this book The Purpose Driven Life. Even her mom knew she wasn't really saved. Amazing how God works isn't it?

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