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  • Shinevarreholly0324 - 6 months ago
    I had a great mommy, she was my everything, she taught me everything, she had me in church and sunday school all my life till I got with one of my ex boyfriend he wasn't in church at all, everytime I was ready for church he would call or text either one saying church again I said yes I love church and of course the first few times it was ok with him but time went on and on till finally he said you can stay and talk too me or text him either way just trying too get me not go church, well as time went on I finally stopped going and I became a sinner and let me tell you when I stopped going things started looking and going so bad, I was loosing everything I mean everything, till couple months I couldn't go on I went too church with mom and I went straight too the alter and gave my heart back too Jesus, I felt so much better, few days later things started looking great again for me, I was getting everything back what I lost and I started thanking and praising God for it! Let me tell stay with God no matter what cause once you get out of his hands you will feel miserable I sure did and I never want too experience that again, now here I am still going of course we will have ups and downs but having Jesus in ours hearts makes it great, i'm blessed with amazing man of God and 3 wonderful childrens 2 boys and 1 girl so blessed, I hope this helps and touches someone, Keep serving the Lord he is so great and wonderful, Jesus loves you and so do I and God bless you all!!!!
  • Jema - In Reply - 6 months ago
    What an awesome testimony ! Thank you sooo much and may God bless you and your family . Much love to you all in Christ .

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