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  • Lee the Follower - 6 months ago
    I'm sharing this to show the power, mercy, love, patience, kindness of God and hope that others learn from my mistakes. I also have to summarise as I there is not enough space for me to put it here.

    Age 0-6: Born to atheistic family, witnessed biological father physically abuse my mother and siblings on multiple occasions. Mother and father divorced. Have not seen or spoke to father since.

    Age 6 and onward: My mother met man who became my stepfather. Stepfather enjoyed alcohol and cannabis. Was mentally abusive toward mother which ultimately deals the same hurt and pain as the physical abuse. He got my mother on alcohol. Would often get drunk and slander my mother. He committed adultery on a few occasions but was not discovered until later on in the marriage.

    Age 23: I partied in night clubs in the local town centre, went to Ibiza on a couple of occasions and began my own indulgence in cannabis.

    Age 24: Close friend of mine committed suicide, sank into depression that lasted several years, addiction to cannabis increased drastically. Isolated myself and even contemplated suicide. However, I was also aware of the grief this had caused to my friends family.

    Age 33: While pondering about death of friend and high on cannabis I had somewhat of an "out-of-body" experience where I saw a bright light, felt overwhelming love which was then followed by a great feeling of guilt. From that day I confessed Jesus was Lord however, I still walked in darkness while having "itching ears".

    Age 34: My mother had 2 strokes and finally split from stepfather, quit my job to look after her physical needs.

    Age 35: No job, no wife, no children, no home as I returned to my mother's home and during this time I heard the word "hypocrite" in a conversation, I realised I am one. Fully submitted to God & never felt more blessed and thankful knowing that I have found salvation in my Lord Jesus Christ. If anybody has questions feel free to ask. Take care all and may God Bless you in Jesus name.

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