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  • Richard H Priday - 5 months ago
    Satan and God's master plan

    Much can be said about today's music and entertainment industry as to how they mock God. In all of this we can tend to ignore the passage in Jude 1:9 where slander against Satan himself by Michael the Archangel was not proclaimed; there was an appeal to the Lord to rebuke him. If that is the case for an Archangel surely it should be the case for us. Yet many wish to mock Satan as well to their own detriment.

    This statement is by no means; of course to suggest that we should worship the Devil. We simply cannot fight against an enemy who is vastly superior to us any other way; and the verse Luke 14:31 demonstrates this principle fighting against an army of superior manpower. This is why deliverance ministers that implore a demon to "go to hell" are clearly unscriptural (or else if true by now there wouldn't be any left to possess and oppress men). Satan is not ruling in hell; or in hell currently as that is the place where he will suffer eternally himself. God has; however given him a sort of usurper role at present where he is given an army of principalities and powers to rule over regions of the earth as many verses in Daniel indicate. Demons are also under his rule; likely disembodied spirits from the offspring of Nephilim it would seem. Jesus and the prophets never went after these principalities ruling over nations; but cast out devils living inside individuals. Again Daniel shows how in Daniel 10:13 Micheal fought against a principality for 21 days before his prayers could be answered. We don't often think of that being an issue with prayers being answered but should consider such things.

    From the outset let me say that no amount of dissertation can help answer all of the questions we as mere mortals can ask regarding the state of suffering we must endure in a fallen world or fully comprehend the reasons God allowed it in His sovereignty and Master plan. The sufferings of Christ are the prime example.
  • GiGi - In Reply - 5 months ago
    Good Morning Richard,

    I agree that we are to be careful of what we say to Satan or any evil spirit. We are to exalt Jesus before them and resist these evil beings with faith in Jesus and confidence in our salvation. We are to know Scripture and quoting it out loud is our weapon to oppose evil beings just as Jesus did. We are to pray to the Father in times of trouble, focusing on communicating with Him and not so much with the evil one. We should also accept that some sufferings are for a purpose that God wishes to accomplish in us, so we can ask Him to help us be humble and willing to accept His will for us even when it is painful or wrought with difficulties.

    The evil one is a predator who is vastly stronger than us. But we can remember that Jesus has overcome the world and the devil. We can believe what Jesus said that He who is in us is greater that He that is in the world. Not only does this tell us that God is in us fighting for us, but also that since we have God in us, the evil one has NO PLACE within us. We are cleansed and filled with the Holy Spirit. He leaves no place for the evil one. Thankfully!

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