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  • Richard H Priday - 4 months ago
    What would Jesus do?

    Romans 8:7 states:

    "For scarcely for a righteous man will one die: yet peradventure for a good man some would even dare to die."

    The next verse describes how we were yet sinners; or what Colossians 1:21 states in even harsher terms as "enemies of God."

    Next time you hear someone talking about how loving we all should be ask them if they would be willing to die for their enemies who hate them. We hear a lot of talk these days about the love of God; usually reduced to some mushy sentimentality and hardly differentiated from human passions. First off; it is only a half truth to go around talking about God's love only when it happens to coincide with pleasant or pleasurable circumstances for people on earth. Yes God loved us when we were yet sinners but provided provision through the Son as His ONLY method to reconcile the enmity between us and Him due to indwelling sin. God cannot look upon sinful man and love Him in the state he is in but DESPITE the fact that he is in a lost state with a heart that is; according to Jeremiah 17:9 "desperately wicked". God's METHOD is by having the Son; for we either have the Son and therefore know God or we know neither (see 1 John 23:24). This involves the Father and Son coming to "dwell within us" ( John 14:23 which also implies the Holy Spirit sealing us until the day of redemption ( Eph. 4:30).

    Those who would view Jesus as someone that is primarily promoting some sort of sentimental affection either is Biblically illiterate or willfully deceived. He talked about being a sword to divide families ( Matthew 10:34-36); rebuked the Pharisees harshly a number of times; destroyed the Temple moneychanger market at least twice; and challenged those who would feign to be His disciples but whose heart wasn't in it. He even rebuked His own disciples. This is demonstrating that true love in His own life was obeying God; and we are called to do the same for Christ ( John 14:23).

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