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  • MotherMac - 1 month ago

    Troubles of the World are tossing us like a storm upon the sea.

    Satan and his army is at work and attacking us on every side.

    He is tearing up homes and breaking up families.

    We all hear and see how he is fighting, warring , against the household of faith around the world.

    (Ma. 5:10)

    We need to love one another.


    Richard's article helped me to realize that we can never isolate ourselves from other human beings.

    All though we carry our own burdens daily, our Lord strengthens us to reach out to others through the power that works in us.

    In the beginning Satan tore out the heart of two parents who had to continue to love one child after he killed another child, his brother.

    It hurts bad when we lose our love ones by any means.

    Family against family

    tears at the soul.

    Families today are suffering for loss of children

    and even babies by violence. Yet, God is our strength.

    In my opinion satan has definitely targeted the household of faith to destroy and to tear down the Kingdom in which Grace and Mercy dwell: everlasting life,

    that God has offered to us through the sacrifice of his Son on Calvary. The Gates of Hell

    shall not prevail against it.

    (Kjv Ma. 16:18)


    In the past were crucifixions, now Mass shootings in the church. Lord, help us.

    Death and Satan teamed up for the Crucifixion of Jesus. Satan thought if he stirred the rulers to take Jesus' life, he, himself, could depend on death to hold him in the ground. Well, we know how that turned out. (Lk.24:39)

    On the cross Jesus said, "They know not what they do."

    We must continue to pray.

    That is what Jesus did.

    As we recognize the "War" let us put on the whole armour of God ( Eph. 6:13)and prepare ourselves for the battle.

    The poor man cried, the Lord heard him and delivered him out of all his troubles.

    ( Ps. 34:6)

    I am praying that I stay close enough to the Lord so that Satan can't squeeze in between us and separate us.

    Pray for me.
  • GiGi - In Reply - 1 month ago
    Hello MotherMac,

    Great post!

    I just want to add that Jesus said this:

    "Greater is He that is in you than he that is in the world." ( 1Jn. 4:4; John 14: 17,20, 23)

    And those who know Jesus will have peace, because He has ovecome the world Jn. 16:33)

    We can have confidence in God. he will not fail us. We are united to Christ and will be in Him forever!
  • MotherMac - In Reply - 1 month ago
    Reply to GiGi

    Thank you!

    I have to remember the scripture

    you sent. John 16:33

    The other post had a misspelled word.

  • MotherMac - In Reply - 1 month ago
    Thank you GiGi for you reply. I love the scripture you posted. John 16:33.

    I have to rennet that one. Amen!
  • Stella_ml - In Reply - 1 month ago
    Amen! Praying for you and your family in Jesus' name!
  • MotherMac - In Reply - 1 month ago
    Thank you "Stella_ml".May God 's Angels stand guard around you, keeping you safe from hurt, harm and danger forever. Amen.
  • Stella_ml - In Reply - 1 month ago
    Amen! Blessings!

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