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  • Jay on Ecclesiastes 1 - 8 years ago
    So good and true,enjoyed reading all this , and the comments, Thank you Lord Jesus.
  • Masereka Robert Lumanda - Uganda on Ecclesiastes 1:9 - 8 years ago
    Indeed, the right word misspelled is under. And true, God created man kind to recreate - all human skills are primary, God equipped man from the beginning and imparted into him HIS own wisdom... Nothing is really new even what's looking or seen as new is one that has been implictly into man.
  • Geraldine cole on Ecclesiastes 1 - 8 years ago
    Stand with God he only will love protect u and give u what u really need on the earth and in heaven.make sure u treat people like u want to be treated. Honor your father and mother .help those u can help.pray for the holy Ghost. Endure hardest as a strong soldier.which mean don't fall apart when u have troubles give your problems to God he said when u pray he would hear and answer u study your Bible don't give no place to the he Devil. Remember the devil is a spirit he can only live in a person that is unsaved he can use a saved person if they allow him to. test the spirit see if it be of God . remember God said your enemies will be in your household sometime your own family will hate u for no reason at all its the God in u that is hated not u your self.the devil hate God.
  • Robert Androvic on Ecclesiastes 1:7 - 9 years ago
    Geologists says this scripture is supported by the scientific literature.
  • Nana Marfo on Ecclesiastes 1 - 9 years ago
    God is so wonderful Let us worship Him trust Him and He is so faithful and just.He will provide our needs Amen.
  • Annie on Ecclesiastes 1 - 9 years ago
    It is not wise to trust in worldly possessions, we can not take these things to Heaven.We must receive the Holy GHOST if we want to see Our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ.Therefore we must continue to maintain our walk with Christ and less on vanities.Vanities are temporary Living with Jesus is forever.
  • Aseervadam on Ecclesiastes 1:7 - 9 years ago
    it 's very Spiritual meaning is rivers is the people, sea is the saten,All penples mind r turning his way,but Jesus Christ blood was stoped the peoples not going to the sea,the bible says Ecl. 12:7 Then shall the dust return to the earth as it was:and the spirit shall return unto God who gave it.Saten wil not destroyed any human belongs to God peoples.
  • Juliana Aryeh on Ecclesiastes 1 - 9 years ago
    Re-send comments
  • Joel on Ecclesiastes 1 - 9 years ago
  • K.DOFFOUR on Ecclesiastes 1 - 9 years ago
  • Moses Colleton on Ecclesiastes 1 - 9 years ago
    My comment on Ecclesiastes is that to have wisdom and know everything on earth is wisdom that comes from our heavenly Father,and His word said ask and it shell be giving.As we study God s w0rd He speakes to our heart.
  • JOSEPH BAIDOO on Ecclesiastes 1:18 - 9 years ago
    solomon studied and explore by his wisdom. By HIM knowing that all things done under the earth was meaningless he GRIVED. According to ECC 2:17
  • Geraldine cole on Ecclesiastes 1 - 9 years ago
    Praise The Lord Jesus for his healing and for that I say glory to God for his mighty works he is a mighty God. the blood of Jesus cover us All brother and sister in Christ Jesus Amen
  • Lucky on Ecclesiastes 1:13 - 9 years ago
    i feel like this is the single most true moment in all the bible, it is a fitting conclusion for us sinners to toil and struggle for our own redemption, if we would not we would only sin
  • Lezekiel Chyme on Ecclesiastes 1:18 - 9 years ago
    None were wiser than Jesus and as prophesied in Isaiah 53 3, it tells us that He is a man of sorrows, acquainted with grief, so no contradiction. Wisdom brings true knowledge of the human condition, with all its tragic consequence.
  • Joe on Ecclesiastes 1 - 9 years ago
    I really like to read the explainations shown after the answer to each question. Ecclesiastes Chapter 1 is great example. Please show more explainations with this amount of information and detail
  • Micheal on Ecclesiastes 1 - 9 years ago
    God is all nowing he has determend the begining and end is the one can say wat shall be shall be
  • Geraldine cole on Ecclesiastes 1 - 9 years ago
    Remember God own everything in this world what ever u have God only allow u to have it for a season after your season is pass u will pass away into hell or heaven which ever one U live to go to God allows us to have free will each day we live we are making our own movie and when we are dying we will see our movie that we made how we live and what we did in life be careful what u put in your movie because u will be judge from your life u live no one else can be blamed be careful of how u live. U will see it again one day its appointed a man one to die then the judgement be careful of the seed u sow. Sow good seed which mean do your best to be good to people remember some people u just have to turn them over to the Lord and let him deal with them and pray for them remember everyone don 't want to know God everyone is not going accept the Jesus that did not happen when he walk the earth and it not going to happen now as long as they no about him God has a plan for them praise God
  • Geraldine cole on Ecclesiastes 1 - 9 years ago
    This is what God mean when u increase knowledge u increase sorrow .much wisdom much grief when we get educated sometimes we things of the world like education we get these big jobs and we forget who really gave us the knowledge to get what we have so we forget God and serve man and things in the world when God have bless us to do well in life we need to remember him also enjoy the fruit of your labor the word of God says it hard for a rich man to enter Heaven because he love his riches more than God if u follow after God we will see him one day there nothing wrong with having money remember who gave to u
  • Hubert Graham on Ecclesiastes 1:11 - 9 years ago
    What ever the Lord said I believe it.Because my God is self Existing,self Contain,he is God of all gods 'Lord of all lords ' King of all kings Almighty,all Powerful,all Glorious,and my finite,mind cannot fully conceive,his Greatness.
  • Romeo Ceasar on Ecclesiastes 1:3 - 9 years ago
  • Bryan on Ecclesiastes 1 - 9 years ago
    To answer your question when people haven 't heard the gospel even the mountians and seas declare that there is a God that 's what the milleium is for read Ezekiel ch.40 thru 44 are aboiut.
  • Jorge Portillo on Ecclesiastes 1 - 9 years ago
    Ecclesiastes 1 18, say 's For in much wisdom is much grief and he that increaseth knowledge increaseth sorrow. With this verse, are my studies that I 've learned over the years, going to hold me back from entering Heaven..?
  • Ian schofield on Ecclesiastes 1 - 9 years ago
    The thing that hath been, it is that which shall be and that which is done is that which shall be done and there is no new thing under the sun. so, who here after reading this is waiting for something new?
  • Pat on Ecclesiastes 1 - 9 years ago
    I have a question if someone who is in a completely different country who say lived somewhere remote and was dying would they get a chance to know the gospel at least once before they died?And if so there are millions of people all around the world like this so God gives each of us a chance to hear and accept it or not?
  • Sherry Click on Ecclesiastes 1 - 10 years ago
    Indeed...God 's Word will not return much as some would like to think it will..
  • Shay on Ecclesiastes 1:15 - 10 years ago
    It is futile to spend time and energy trying to correct the oppression and injustice that see today. Only Gods kingdom can do away with wickedness.
  • Keith on Ecclesiastes 1 - 10 years ago
    Self explanatory
  • Charles Le Blanc on Ecclesiastes 1 - 10 years ago
    Without God, LIFE does not exist. All is vanity or nothing.before God, the Earth was VOID which means nothing or to erase as it never existed. Gen 1 1 3 John 1 1 5 Nothing was made without Him that was made. So when we try to live our lives without Him it becomes a State Of Nothingness.
  • Shonda on Ecclesiastes 1 - 10 years ago
    Amen... the things on earth is going to perish but the truth of holy living old testament bible will remain the same.cant take nothing with you when you died...what man profit down here cant win him up to heaven got to turn from your wicked ways in give it to the Lord in he will cleanse you from head to to have salvation got to have faith in the living God

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