Exodus 40:8 MEANING

Exodus 40:8
(8) The court . . . the hanging.--See Exodus 27:9-18.

Verse 8. - The court. See Exodus 27:9-18; Exodus 38:9-20. The hanging at the court gate - i.e., the curtain at the entrance of the court (Exodus 27:16; Exodus 38:18).

40:1-15 When a new year begins, we should seek to serve God better than the year before. In half a year the tabernacle was completed. When the hearts of numbers are earnest in a good cause, much may be done in a short time; and when the commandments of God are continually attended to, as the rule of working, all will be done well. The high-priesthood was in the family of Aaron till Christ came, and in Him, the substance of all these shadows, it continues for ever.And thou shall set up the court round about,.... Which consisted of various hangings, east, west, north, and south; see Exodus 27:9.
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