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  • Edifyoneanother - In Reply on Exodus 12 - 4 years ago
    GOD was preparing Israel for Passover -- killing of the firstborn of the household that did not have the blood on the upper for post. You have to continue pass read verse 1 GOD explains what HE was going to be do through the land of Egypt.
  • Ruben Hartness - In Reply on Exodus 12 - 4 years ago
    Carlos-- back up to 12:1-29 get the subject Passover then 13:1, 3, .9, 10 remember this day---Abib is as our month of March April. On the 15th day after the spring equinox is Passover, then Christ walked on earth 40 days in resurected body then transfigured and rose to Heaven said in ten days I will give you a great gift. The Holy Spirit protects us in His earthly absence. We are not alone.
  • Carlos taylor on Exodus 12 - 4 years ago
    and verse I, am not understanding what was it that the Lord said to Moses and Aaron
  • Stanjett on Exodus 12 - 4 years ago
    34 And the people took their dough before it was leavened, their kneadingtroughs being bound up in their clothes upon their shoulders. This must be why the Jews don't eat leaven bread to this day.
  • John on Exodus 12 - 5 years ago
    Why was Cannan left out in Exodus 12:40
  • BSP on Exodus 12 - 6 years ago
    Verse 26~The Passover was a very important event in the lives of the Israelites and they were to explain this to their children and future generations to help them to appreciate the significance of the Passover.
  • A disciple on Exodus 12 - 6 years ago
    "And Pharaoh rose up in the night, he and all his servants, and all the Egyptians; and there was a great cry in Egypt; for there was not a house where there was not one dead." After defiantly resisting the Word of God through all their plagues and that great tribulation and ruin, at length God was left with one thing that would finally put them in fear and humble them to obey the Word of the LORD!
  • Jeffrey Berry on Exodus 12 - 6 years ago
    Greetings, centuries before the birth of Moses, the were generations of people who hated God, and today they still hate God. Speaking specially of the God of the Hebrews. (Read Psalms 83) After numerous generations, God (Yahweh) decided to separate a certain seed of people, (see Matthew chapter 1) from all other people upon the face of the earth to carry His Spirit into the future.
  • Sandy on Exodus 12 - 7 years ago
    God created us for him. ALL OF US! God has a lot of patients with us. When God tells us to do something he means it! God created us for him. Therefore God can do whatever he wants!
  • Junior on Exodus 12 - 7 years ago
    The reason why God destroyed they're first born is because they were under Pharaoh's leadership and he would not let his people go
  • Michael on Exodus 12 - 8 years ago
    I don't think that God action with Egyptian was bad, God did that 1, in other for the people to no that the freedom they are to experience is not their own making 2,The almighty God for see the increase of labour added to the children of Israeli so pharaoh on is own side proved by is action to his people that Israeli has no leader this striker God to killed them in fact is a point of prayer..
  • Dr. Patty on Exodus 12 - 8 years ago
    To Lost:
    When the children of Israel left Egypt, a mix multitude also left with them and they were saved also. So anyone that had a mind to no longer be a part of the Egyptian regime or mindset, they had an opportunity to leave with the Children of Israel.
  • Lynn on Exodus 12 - 8 years ago
    The lamb was a picture of Christ-loved and then taken to the slaughter. The blood is shed for our safe keeping. In and through the blood we are saved. The gods of Egypt were false. The powers used by the Egyptians were satanic. Though it seemed harsh to kill even the Egyptian firstborn God's ways are just, and we must leave it with our Heavenly Father and not carry doubts and fears over it. Just saying. Thank you!
  • Pat on Exodus 12 - 8 years ago
    the chapter 12 of Exodus tells us of the people of Israel strength, that Moses was a man of God with Faith. without faith he could not do it. and the people had to have someone with faith so they can be strong.
  • Vimbai on Exodus 12 - 8 years ago
    Its all talking about lords supper
  • Lost on Exodus 12 - 8 years ago
    I don't quite understand why God dealt so harshly with all Egyptians when there were probably many good people just living their lives as with any community. Was it their fault that they were born Egyptian....Help me understand.
  • Onome on Exodus 12 - 9 years ago
    It shows the supremacy of God and that God s word is yea and Amen.
  • Tricia on Exodus 12 - 9 years ago
    Egypt was a great nation back then, very powerful in Scientology,sorceries etc. this is why YHWH of hosts choose this nation to set an example to show mankind that he is much greater and powerful than any superpower, leaders or sorcerers that exists.
  • Mafabatho Tshepo Donald on Exodus 12:2 - 9 years ago
    September is the first month of the year
  • Ebere on Exodus 12 - 9 years ago
    exodus 12 vs 36 the children of Isreal obtainth favour in the sight of God over their enemies, meaning that when God gives you favour you are already a victory
  • Edith on Exodus 12:36 - 9 years ago
    it is uplifting
  • Lmd on Exodus 12:12 - 9 years ago
    this verse is very hard... either the gods of egypt were alive and kicking or it is a jealous verse scarred of the then power of Egypt
  • Mary Ann on Exodus 12:29 - 10 years ago
    Why did the scripture specify the smoting of the first born cattle?
  • BSP on Exodus 12:28 - 10 years ago
    The Israelites received specific instructions from God through his spokesman Moses and Aaron. They may not have understood everything, but they put faith and trust in Jehovah God and followed His directions. This resulted in their salvation and their firstborns being spared.
  • AJIBOYE LAWRENCE on Exodus 12 - 10 years ago
  • Tee on Exodus 12 - 10 years ago
    About Exodus 12 It is self explanatory God s love is enternal No Power superceeds the Power of God and His love to all God is Awesome
  • Mengistu on Exodus 12:22 - 10 years ago
    Hyssop is still used in Dawro Zone (Kullo Konta), in southwestern Ethiopia. Certainly, I can clearly describe what hyssop is and almost all of its functions in Bible will be accurately determined.
    I believe that it will be proved scientifically as it can be used for both a ceremonial cleansing and cleaning purpose as a detergent. In Dawro, it is also used for sprinkling of blood and water and most commonly used for handling of sponge. Hyssop has some more functions not mentioned in the bible.
    The only question may be risen is the exact geographic location of Egypt, on the history of exodus. I hope it will be described by biblical historians and further researchers when biblical hyssop is accurately determined.
  • Vestina on Exodus 12 - 10 years ago
    In order for there to be fellowship, there has to be community. How can a meal be shared, if there is no association. It is odd to invite someone to dinner, if the host does not have anything to do with the invitee.
  • Markschmidt on Exodus 12 - 10 years ago
    David's Exodus Chapter 12 comment on 1/31/2013, 9:55am...

    Exodus 12:2 mentions "This month shall be unto you the beginning of months: it shall be the first month of the year to you." What month in our calendar does this refer to? Also this chapter states "And ye shall keep it up until the fourteenth day of the same month: and the whole assembly of the congregation of Israel shall kill it in the evening." Since the scripture clearly states that the Passover shall start on the 14th day of the month why does the date change every year? God's calendar is solar not lunar like our present one and that's why the dates change. God's year begins at the Spring Equinox. The sun would rise and the rays would shine up the temple steps into the Holy of Holies. And Gods day commences at sundown and ends the following sundaom. This shows the day begins in darkness but always ends in light. That being said, if the spring Equinox is at 2am local time it is that day we begin to count from. On the fourteenth day at sunset begins Passover for Jews AND CHRISTIANS ALIKE!!!!! God said forever throughout your generations. This never changed. Where Easter appears in Acts 12:4 was a mistake by a translator which has never been corrected.
  • Zain andy on Exodus 12:40 - 11 years ago

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