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  • GiGi on Exodus 39 - 1 year ago
    Exodus Chapter 39

    This chapter describes the making of the priestly garments as YHWH had told Moses they were to be made up on the mountain in previous chapters. After everything was made, Moses inspected all of the work and said that all was done just as YHWH had told him these should be fashioned. The text does not say if Moses told the artisans how things were to look and be constructed or if the Holy Spirit had directed Bezalel and Aholiab how to do so.

    Moses blessed the people at the completion of all of this work. He must have been so pleased to see what God had showed him on the mountain become reality.
  • Homer Baker - In Reply on Exodus 39 - 2 years ago
    Use google search bible measurements.

    You are welcome!!

  • Miriam-Christene Peters - In Reply on Exodus 39 - 2 years ago
    That's so cool. Where did you get that from? Are there more?
  • Homer Baker on Exodus 39 - 2 years ago
    To Sandy measurements in Bible.

    Use Body Parts for Biblical Measurements

    As ancient civilizations progressed to the need for keeping account of things, people used parts of the body as the quickest and easiest way to measure something. After sizing up artifacts according to both ancient and contemporary measurements, they've discovered that:

    A "finger" equals about three-quarters of an inch (roughly the width of an adult human finger)

    A "palm" equals about 3 inches or the size across a human hand

    A "span" equals about 9 inches, or the width of an extended thumb and four fingers
  • Chris - In Reply on Exodus 39:9 - 3 years ago
    A 'span' is generally understood as 9 inches 22 cms) in length; as you would when extending the palm of your hand & measuring the distance between the tip of your thumb to the tip of your little (5th) finger. So the breastplate was foursquare: 9" length & 9" breadth & this was affixed to the front of the Ephod.
  • Jean on Exodus 39:9 - 3 years ago
    In exodus 39 what exactly is a span
  • Chris - In Reply on Exodus 39 - 3 years ago
    Well, it's always a joy to share whatever we can to assist others enquiring from the Word of God. The Spirit Himself is the great Revealer & Interpreter of His Word to our hearts, so whatever is shared here, we trust will be further examined through the private re-reading of the Scriptures & seeking His guidance.

    As well, it does the responder to questions good to re-examine Scriptures that have not been considered for some time, & as you say, with the case of the 'Ephod', hardly mentioned at all. But then, one can also enter into debate over the type of messages given from the pulpit as opposed to those shared in a specific exegetical Bible study, where a particular focus is given on a verse or subject & thoughts shared by all. So maybe, like you, we also can't remember when the Ephod was mentioned, even in passing. Every blessing as you seek knowledge from the Word.
  • Fredscanlan - In Reply on Exodus 39 - 3 years ago
    The old testament, the word is clear, concerning the law, sacrifices, that have been passed on from one generation to another. The Jews, have not held fast to Gods commands. Not unlike the gentiles of the new testament, who have not held to the words of Christ. God is patient and long suffering, and wants all men to be saved! When it comes too His words , we should always remember that He will have the last say, when it concerns his creation and the existence of man! The days are short, if he sends not a teacher to show you these things, how will you escape His judgment! His judgment is at hand! He is not slack, as men count slackness! Would too God, that He will make a way, and move a mans heart !
  • Willard paschal sr - In Reply on Exodus 39 - 3 years ago
    Thank you so much for taking the time and effort to shed light on a subject I rarely hear mentioned in the local churches I have attended over the years. I always felt that things mentioned in the Bible should be expounded upon and not ignored as is too often the case. Again, many thanks.
  • Chris - In Reply on Exodus 39 - 3 years ago
    The Ephod, as described in Exodus 39 & other places, was an outer linen, short garment that the priests wore in their service in the Tabernacle. It was first to be worn by the High Priest ( Exodus 28:4: Aaron & his sons) & then later, worn by other priests ( 1 Samuel 22:18). However, we also see the Ephod being worn by King David ( 2 Samuel 6:14) & by Samuel ( 1 Samuel 2:18). Because of the intricacies of the garment (especially for the High Priest), it seems that the wearer of it came before God in representation of the people & a requirement to be able to conduct such ministry. The Urim & Thummim (special lots that were cast before God to ascertain His Will & Direction for the people) were held in pouches in the Ephod.

    As well, there was instances of idolatry associated with the Ephod ( Judges 8:27, 17:5,6), as it was considered so holy as to be worshipped. Even today, in some 'high Churches', priests can be seen wearing distinctive outer clothing, with sashes & mitre resembling the priests of old. These are not the garments depicted in the New Testament as should be worn by Christians & are a poor reflection & understanding of biblical norms, rather serving to ascribe some sort of special privilege & holiness to the wearer.

    Today, for the Christian, we might say that we come before God "in robes of righteousness", not of ourselves, but that given to us by virtue of Christ's death & what it accomplished for us. And being so clothed, we can come confidently before God as His children & in prayer. We are now His chosen generation & royal priesthood ( 1 Peter 2:9).
  • Willard Paschal on Exodus 39 - 3 years ago
    What is an ephod and what is its' purpose/function?
  • Ren on Exodus 39 - 6 years ago
    @Sandy- Here is what I found

    The cubit is an ancient unit based on the forearm length from the middle finger tip to the elbow bottom.
  • BSP on Exodus 39 - 6 years ago
    Verse 43: Doing things the way that Jehovah God commands us to do results in blessings.
  • Lionheart on Exodus 39 - 7 years ago
    They used the forearm of the current leader...That is why the stick is called a ruler

  • Irene123 on Exodus 39 - 7 years ago
    To Sandy on Tabernacle - All I know is a 'cubit' is the length of one's forearm - from elbow to either finger tips or just wrist. An adult males forearm is basically the same between males - I guess? To get a TRUE measurement though, they'd have to use the same guy; can you imagine - being a measuring stick on a job???
  • Sandy on Exodus 39 - 7 years ago
    These last few chapters of Exodus are about building the Tabernacle. I love the way God told Moses how he wanted it built and these other guys came WITH WISDOM and knew exactly how God told Moses, he wanted it built. The Sad part. is I have no clue what any of the measurements mean. :(
  • Anonymous on Exodus 39 - 9 years ago
    God is holy and they that worship Him must worship Him in spirit and in truth.
  • Marie connelly on Exodus 39:29 - 9 years ago
    fine twined linen was white for purity blue is for God 's law purple is for royalty scarlet is for blood Everything in the sanctuary temple represented Christ in His different capacities as our Saviour.
  • Kimmy on Exodus 39 - 12 years ago
    it is a wounderful chapter. it speaks of the purity of Christ Jesus. With so much detailed work in the creation of the clothing for aaron and his sons, yet it cannot compare with the Holiness of JESUS.

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