Ezekiel 46:24 MEANING

Ezekiel 46:24
(24) Ministers of the house.--Not priests, but Temple servants, who were usually Levites.

Verse 24. - These are the places (literally, houses) of them that boil - hence kitchens - where the ministers of the house (or, romple) - e.g. the Levites (see Ezekiel 44:11, 12) - shall boil the sacrifice of the people; i.e. the portions of the people's offerings which fall to be consumed by the priests.

46:1-24 The ordinances of worship for the prince and for the people, are here described, and the gifts the prince may bestow on his sons and servants. Our Lord has directed us to do many duties, but he has also left many things to our choice, that those who delight in his commandments may abound therein to his glory, without entangling their own consciences, or prescribing rules unfit for others; but we must never omit our daily worship, nor neglect to apply the sacrifice of the Lamb of God to our souls, for pardon, peace, and salvation.Then said he unto me, these are the places of them that boil,.... The kitchens, in which those whose business it was to boil the sacrifices did it; and who they were are next declared:

where the ministers of the house shall boil the sacrifice of the people; these seem to be the Levites, as distinct from the priests before mentioned; though in this prophecy they are both used of the same persons; see Ezekiel 44:15, the sacrifice of the people were the peace offerings, which the people might eat of, but were first to be boiled; typical of peace and reconciliation made by Christ, held forth in the ministry of the word, called from thence the word of reconciliation: of the boiling of sacrifices; see Gill on Ezekiel 44:15. The Targum is,

"the holy sacrifices of the people;''

see Romans 12:1.

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