Ezekiel Chapter 14 Discussion

  • Obbie Beal on Ezekiel 14 - 4 years ago
    WOW! WOW! WOW! as it happen above, 2020 it is happening today before our eyes and most do not see it. Nevertheless notice above there is a remnant, those that was spared, see 14, 16, 18, 20, 22. To GOD BE ALL HONOR and GLORY for HIS MERCY in a Time such as above. By the POWER of GOD we hold on because it wont be long before we are at THE MARRIAGE SUPPER OF THE LAMB. Thank GOD for John 3:16-21. Aint GOD GOOD!
  • Sunday Oladimeji on Ezekiel 14 - 4 years ago
    Verses 14 and 20,salvation is a personal decision in confessing Jesus Christ as one's Saviour and Lord. No one can do it on behalf of another person. However one can pray for another person's salvation but one can not decide for another person.
  • AMS on Ezekiel 14 - 5 years ago
    Lev.26:40-42 If they shall confess their iniquity...with their trespass which they trespassed against me, and that also they have walked contrary unto me; And that I also have walked contrary unto them...if then their uncircumcised hearts be humbled, and they then accept of the punishment of their iniquity:
    Then will I remember my covenant with Jacob. Salvation- A circumcised heart. Romans2:28-29
  • Shumani Joyce Ndou on Ezekiel 14 - 5 years ago
    We will be judge buy our wrong doing , as God he doesn't want to see us worship the Idols and consult the false prophet. want we have to do we need serve God in truth and in spirit lets trust God with everything we do he will help us Amen.
  • Brigida Solis on Ezekiel 14 - 5 years ago
    Ezekiel 14:14 we are responsible for our own sins we will be judged for our own sins however we must continue to profess and preach the salvation of our LORD and SAVIOR JESUS CHRIST to family ,friends and foe! Praise GOD
  • BSP on Ezekiel 14 - 6 years ago
    Verse 14~Daniel was a young man when he was mentioned here with faithful men like Noah and Job. This shows that he developed a pattern of faithful service to Jehovah God and one is never to young to develop a personal relationship with God.
  • BSP on Ezekiel 14 - 6 years ago
    Verse 16: Family relationships will not decide whether one will be spared and live through Jehovah's day. Each must personally build a relationship with Jehovah God.
  • A disciple on Ezekiel 14 - 7 years ago
    Steve; I have been reading these again recently also. Its hard to put into words just how to aptly express; but this is the pronouncement of doom that will mean wailing and gnashing of teeth for this kind of people here spoken of. This conclusion of God to forsake them, comes from Him whose understanding is higher than there is any number to measure it; and has found that there is no remedy.
  • Maria Morales on Ezekiel 14 - 7 years ago
    God is angry with the elders of Israel for they trusted in idols and wanted to inquire of the true God as well, thus condemning them and the prophets who prophesied lies unto them. Also, when Jerusalem sins against God he will send famine, sword, and pestilence against them and no one can deliver them from this judgement. Nevertheless, God always leaves a remnant. Even now, there is a remnant.
  • Stephen F. Zielski on Ezekiel 14 - 8 years ago
    PARADOX ! The {remnant} is truly none other than Zion. May our Heavenly Abba Father and God Almighty bring His Holy and Matchless Word to pass in and through His Son who Lives and Reigns at His Right Hand now and forever more Christ Yeshua Jesus Glory Amen and Amen indeed. SHALOM ISRAEL ZION INDEED AMEN AND AMEN ! COME LORD YESHUA AMEN ! God bless you.
  • Minnie Robertson on Ezekiel 14 - 9 years ago
    I believe as it tells us in Eccles.chapter 12:13,14 verses Let us hear the conclusion of the whole matter:Fear God and keep his commandments for this us the whole duty of man. Deut:10:12 For God shall bring every work work into judgment, with every secret thing, whether it be good or whether it be good. Matt:12:36 I am sure we will be judged on our own righteousness and non other . We must be obedient to God because this is what is required of everyone. The problem with the children of is Is real is they were disobedient and went about serving other Gods God is saying that we can 't deliver our children but only ourselves. Every man for himself.
  • Andrew on Ezekiel 14:22 - 9 years ago
    The remnant that God preserves is always an obedient remnant. When Ezekiel see them, he shall be comforted, knowing that God preserves the obedient, when he sees what God did with Jerusalem. The present Israel is not that remnant that many believe, no wonder, the tons of prophecy books now garbaged written based on the timetable of its birth all quantumly missed the mark.
  • Adoniyah Yisrael on Ezekiel 14 - 9 years ago
    No one will be saved for what you do. Versus ' 14 16 18 20 make it very clear that whatever Yah decide 's to bring upon a land full of sin, that only those who have been practicing righteousness should deliver their own souls by their righteousness works . It 's very clear that we are justified by our own righteousness works and someone else righteousness works can not be passed upon another. Neither can another 's wickedness be passed upon another. Evert man shall be put to death for their own sin. Righteousness does come by the law! Just read Deut. Ch.6 verse 24 25
  • Christine on Ezekiel 14 - 10 years ago
    I think because God is a fair and righteous God He will never let anything come to pass unless he warns you thereof first The book of Ezekiel is to me of many warnings that God Himself has declared to the people and to those who do evil towards others
  • Bradley Harwood on Ezekiel 14:6 - 10 years ago
    Repent and turn away from idols. Turn away your faces from abominations. Bare fruit worthy of repentance. Forsake all what is evil and abominable in the sight of the Lord Thy God.
  • PhillipF on Ezekiel 14:21 - 11 years ago
    The 4 sore judgments in Ezekiel 14 will be fulfilled in the 4 seals of Revelation 6; announcing the beginning of the great tribulation upon the nation of Israel. The 4 seals/judgments are also seen in Ezekiel 5:16, 17. Doesn't the great tribulation affect the whole world? Yes! Read the last half of Jeremiah 25: all the nations of the world will suffer because of the sword of the Lord pursuing the Jewish remnant that will be scattered into the four winds of the earth ( Ezekiel 5); wherever they go while fleeing from the Lord's wrath.

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