Ezekiel Chapter 44 Discussion

  • Troy on Ezekiel 44:24 - 3 years ago
    This is a great verse-- Ezekiel 44:24-- to make Christians scratch their heads. Ezekiel is talking about the future (our future too and the Third Temple) yet righteous people will be EXPECTED to keep the laws and judgements and Sabbaths? (Not to mention that all must be circumcised in heart AND flesh in the future if they wish to be in God's House ( Ezek. 44:9). So the question is why do we think Jesus came to destroy the Law when Ezek says we will keep it forever??
  • Patrick on Ezekiel 44 - 4 years ago
    GOD is letting us know HE is in complete control and if we need to help a love one understand why they missed salvation we can help them come to GOD. We were all sinners in the flesh and by our faith and trust in the in grace given by our Lord and Savior Christ Jesus" King Of Kings and Lord Of Lords" we are saved. We must be purified for seven days before the Lord for there is no more sin of His Saints. GOD loves all HIS children, and in the millennia all GODS Truth shall be taught and those that didn't have a chance may hear GODS Holy word.Ezekiel verses 5-14 then verses 23,24 and make note of verse 25 and 26 and verses 27-31 May GOD give you peace of your love ones.
  • Michael Klocek on Ezekiel 44 - 5 years ago
    I believe that the verses that talk about keeping the charge and entering the chambers dressed in cloth that doesn't make you sweat has something to do with a very powerful computer. Protection from moisture and dust and strength in courage of what you about to see has to be in the character of the being in order to enter.
  • Sinned on Ezekiel 44 - 5 years ago
    44:23 discernment is done by truth, the lord over my life. the word of God, Jesus christ. the holly name. (all truth)
  • Insight 777 on Ezekiel 44 - 9 years ago
    Verse 25, If defile himself means to become a killer, this verse may be speaking of vengeance. A man is not to kill another on the basis of vengeance. However, a man is allowed to protect his family.
  • Samson alabi on Ezekiel 44:5 - 10 years ago
    wat de lord said dat:he should be more vigilant and stand firm in christ

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