Ezra Chapter 1 Discussion

  • BSP on Ezra 1 - 3 years ago
    Verse 1 shows that Jehovah God can use any ruler or human that he sees fit to fulfill his purpose.
  • Eric Lopez on Ezra 1 - 3 years ago
    I dont recall Jeremiah the prophet for this chapter to say God stepped in and into the body of King of Persia and people of Israel to build the house. It as if God is stepping in to put them back on track for failing and forsaking him after he had them delivered into the hands of King of Babylon and then inevitably to Persia.
  • Steve B on Ezra 1 - 3 years ago
    John 14;6-9

    6 Jesus saith unto him, I am the way, the truth, and the life: no man cometh unto the Father, but by me.

    7 If ye had known me, ye should have known my Father also: and from henceforth ye know him, and have seen him.

    8 Philip saith unto him, Lord, show us the Father, and it sufficeth us.

    9 Jesus saith unto him, Have I been so long time with you, and yet hast thou not known me, Philip? he that hath seen me hath seen the Father.
  • Rob - In Reply on Ezra 1 - 3 years ago
    Jesus gave us plain teachings about the end times , in Matthew 24 and Luke 21 and other places .

    If we take heed to what he said we will not be wondering or perplexed about how it unfolds .

    We are to be faithful stewards to him if he comes or not in our life time . If we are doing his work faithfully we have nothing to fear . His coming is our hope so that's what we look for . If we get preoccupied with this world or deceived by false teaching , we are not looking or ready for his coming .

    Antichrist has not even come on the scene so it's a way off from now the coming of the Lord , Antichrist must come first according to Apostle Paul and the rest of the Bible .
  • Mishael - In Reply on Ezra 1 - 3 years ago

    I do not ascribe to any Tribulation speculation or theories. Back in 1988 they tried to predict that was the year. Didn't happen.

    If we predict wrongly, people get discouraged, angry or might think they can sin for the next 2 1/2 or 7 years.

    I looked for Tribs in the Bible and found none. It says: be ready, be looking, watch and pray, have your lamps full of oil, thief in the night is when? 6pm to 6am? Time zone?


    I think Jesus's way is the best. Just be ready. Be watchful. Rightly read the signs of the times.

    I printed the Trib options to show how we cannot answer that question and be sure it's the right one.

    One note, the Abraham Accord, signed by Israel with some Arab nations (recently) is for 7 years.

    Relative peace. Let's keep an eye on that.

    I'll be in the prayer Request Room if you miss me :D lol

    +Bless you abundantly+
  • Anon - In Reply on Ezra 1 - 3 years ago
    If you believe your personal understandings and beliefs to be the only true way, then as a Christian, why not pray for others instead of spending time condemning them. I have seen your comments over the past couple of weeks and sometimes wonder, rhetorically, what your exact intent is, here. Spurring and encouraging others is understandable. Speaking ill of others and their personal beliefs is not so ethical nor conducive in proving Your personal understanding and beliefs. If the proof is in the pudding, some may have different tastebuds. Some more sensitive, some less. Some tastebuds may be confused as to what the exact flavor is, but they know for sure there is some good pudding..

    My comment in no way is meant to be rude or a personal attack. Just a few words from a loving brother.

    God Bless
  • Rob on Ezra 1 - 3 years ago
    Beware , many commentary's if you check out their verses do not apply to the subject but are out of context . Some people think that using many verses makes their view valid , on the contrary it's just something not worth reading .

    I recently ask for A single absolute solid verse on the Pretrib Rapture event , they went to some google website provided tons of commentary and some verses , yet not a single verse in context to the subject . These people don't know what they are reading or I understand the Bible . Miss applicant is false . Why do they do it ? Trying to get a following , maybe for personal gain . Never give money to anyone doing this . Is wrong to support such activities in any case . So many of these tv evangelist are just in it for the money , a motive for getting a following .

    You are much better off reading the Bible in prayer to the Lord for understanding. You learn bit by bit so be patient , don't buy the lies from false teachers .
  • Stephen Levi on Ezra 1 - 3 years ago
    I have read through a lot of the post made here and most everything

    you all have stated is outright incorrect.

    Very little of it is in the truth of God.

    For example if you commit a sin you are a servant to sin.

    There is no exceptions to it. NONE!

    John 8:34 Jesus answered them, I say unto you, Whosoever committeth sin is the servant of sin.

    Do you believe the children of God commit sin and are the servants of sin?

    If you do then not only are you a child of the devil but you are a deceived child of the devil.

    And if you willfully commit a sin there is sacrifice for it.

    There is no exceptions to it. NONE!

    Hebrews 10:26 For if we sin wilfully after that we have received the knowledge of the truth,

    there remaineth no more sacrifice for sins.

    Do you believe the children of God commits sin willfully after that they have received the knowledge of the truth?

    If you do then not only are you a child of the devil but you are a deceived child of the devil.

    And if you sin you do not have the Holy Spirit.

    You have the unholy spirit.

    Hence why they call it the Holy Spirit for it is HOLY!

    Sin is not HOLY!

    Born Again Sinners

    Disobedient Believers of God

    The Christian world is full of them. What do you think is going to happen to them in the end?

    If it were possible would any of you want to cease from committing any sin?

    Mark 9:23 Jesus said unto him, If thou canst believe, all things are possible to him that believeth.

  • Getting Right with God - In Reply on Ezra 1 - 3 years ago
    First: exit out to where you clicked the Link to come into this room.

    Click the "Become A Christian" Link.

    We can't get to the counciling part, until you get through the repentance part, to be restored in your faith;

    Or to become a Christian.

    I didn't really know what I was doing at 13 years old when I was baptised. I did that because all my friends did it.

    Get things straightened out between you and Jesus first. Don't be discouraged. You are going to emerge from that room; a new creature in Christ Jesus. Washed clean. Sealed with the Holy Spirit. The old life will pass away.

    Like we all had to do, ask the Lord to help you keep your passions in check, until marriage with a Christian man.

    Go ye into the room that will set your life on the narrow path again.

  • Fred Scanlan - In Reply on Ezra 1 - 3 years ago
    Guilt is the big one! A soul that comes out of the wilderness and finds salvation in the love of Christ, will learn , will learn that there is no more guilt. Your flesh will remind you often, until the day of judgment .Remember, Christ has overcome the things of this world, and so will you if you abide in him! He created you, made you, and loves you!
  • Fred Scanlan - In Reply on Ezra 1 - 3 years ago
    Adam, a name from the beginning! your answer is correct and to the point! salvation is ours once again through the sacrifice of our lord Jesus. Through faith in his word, god plants his seed into us that we may grow thereby! all our sins are washed, cleansed away. We are new creatures with a new nature ,we are like him. His friends, no longer servants.
  • Adam - In Reply on Ezra 1 - 3 years ago
    Dear Jennifer,

    If you are a Christian who follows Jesus and are genuinely repentant, yes God forgives you; you are absolutely forgiven and washed clean by Jesus paying for your sins on the cross. God used people like Paul (who used to murder Christians) for great works, and Moses (who killed too) for amazing works. God forgives and will use us, despite our shortcomings, for His glory. I think he even prefers the imperfect, the underdogs, over self-righteous people like pharisees. God bless.
  • Rob - In Reply on Ezra 1 - 3 years ago
    If repentance is done properly, stop having abortions and make restitution if possible .

    If we reguard iniquity in our hearts God will not hear us .

    Ask for Gods mercy he will help the helpless . And teach you what to do through his word .

    When you get peace about it that's a sign you have peace with God .

    But do not settle for false peace that lies can give . The peace of God is beyond understanding and is deep !
  • Jennifer Stanley on Ezra 1 - 3 years ago
    does God forgive 2 abortions?
  • Brenda SMITH on Ezra 1 - 4 years ago
    Goddoes keeps his promise
  • Si13ntk40s on Ezra 1 - 5 years ago
    When he asks for an offering, don't present something that wastes and rots like silver and gold. Life was granted to you, the only thing you can offer is yourself.
  • Malinga mbutho on Ezra 1 - 5 years ago
    Good service
  • Eric on Ezra 1 - 6 years ago
    Question? Cyrus the king, was he not the son of Ester??
  • BSP on Ezra 1 - 6 years ago
    Verse 1: This shows that Jehovah God can move the hearts of kings in order to fulfill his purpose.
  • Irene123 on Ezra 1 - 7 years ago
    I love how the Lord Jesus works in ones life; and the sinners think it's their own idea. yes, many th'ots ln actions are of satan, but - they're allowed of God. Man has 'free will', but what he chooses comes from either satan or God. I love God's way because I know He's always aware of what's going on in our lives.
  • Wale on Ezra 1 - 7 years ago
    Our God is God of all, He control every man both kings and followers. He uses anybody at anytime in fulfilment of his professes. The riches and prosperity comes from him to be useful for his glory alone. The children of God should continue faithful and trust him for their needs, he will supply us all our needs according to his glory.
  • Anthony Allen on Ezra 1 - 8 years ago
    God can and He will provide, and if we have zeal to do God's plan for our life He will God will make a way I we need to do is trust Him.
  • Khan on Ezra 1 - 8 years ago
    its a blessing to learn the word of God
  • Julia on Ezra 1 - 8 years ago
    Anyway one has to be very strong to cotninue believing in God despite severe sufferings, it is not an easy thing and those who have not come across real suffering usually take things for granted. I think the grace of God is really needed for those who have had real temptations in life in order to cotninue trusting in God and spiritual consolation in a very special way.
  • C T Makhele on Ezra 1 - 8 years ago
    Chapter 1 vs 4 is the text that I like most.It is the confirmation that God really keeps His promises and He is always on time and He is a God of all reaches Gold and silver that is why He said the children of Israel must be give them. I God opens the doors for you no one can close it.In Exodus 12 vs 35 He told Moses to tell Israelites to go to the Egyptians to ask for Gold, silver and all precious things. This proves that we are reach in Christ Jesus our Father is the owner of all reaches Gold and silver Hagayi 2 Vs 8. I am blessed and I am reach even if I do not have something at the moment but I know that if it is the right time God will grant me all that I deserve to have in Jesus name.That is the reason why I do not preach prosperity but Jesus and Him being crucified and risen from the dead seated at the right hand of God. I do not feel intimidated to see someone prospers I know my season is coming to obtain the reaches even in glory. I preach forgiveness from sin, and the kingdom of God then everything which is good follows. Thank God for Jesus.
  • Alebiosu Philips on Ezra 1 - 8 years ago
    After the proclamation by Ezra, there are many people in that place, but some chose to be part of the project. we must therefore be ready to support the work of God generously and not by force. there is definitely many blessings attached to it.
  • Nobert guto on Ezra 1 - 9 years ago
    learn to give that which is best to God
  • Wanda Bob on Ezra 1 - 9 years ago
    God wanted to confirm the word of his servant Jeremiah the prophet
  • Timothy Mutua Kilonzo on Ezra 1 - 10 years ago
    Ezra obeyed believed God,he allowed Israelites to offer building material out of free will obedience involved gentiles in the work.
  • Rapelang william on Ezra 1 - 10 years ago
    cyrus redid the heart of God according to the He wishes, as nebuchadnezzar did the opposit evil will of God in His house (God house)

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