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  • ALL 3 PERSONS OF THE GODHEAD - In Reply on Genesis 1 - 2 years ago
    The Scriptures about the Godhead. Sometimes called "Let Us..." in some passages. These scriptures are evidence of all 3 persons of the Godhead speaking to each other.

    Read these verses.

    Genesis 1:26, 3:22, 11:7

    Isaiah 6:8

    Romans 1:20 *

    Colossians 2:9

    Acts 17:27-30

    1 John 5:7

    John 10:30

    "For the invisible things of him from the creation of the world are clearly seen, being understood by the things that are made, even his eternal power and GODHEAD so that they are without excuse:"

    Genesis 1:1

    The Father purposes

    The Word (Jesus) speaks. ( John 1:1)

    The Spirit (Holy Spirit) executes the spoken word. Action.

    All working together.

    Matthew 1:23

    Behold, a virgin shall be with child, and shall bring forth a son, and they shall call his name Emmanuel, which being interpreted is, God WITH US. [Jesus]
  • Monty - In Reply on Genesis 1 - 2 years ago
    Hi. Chapter 2 of genesis talks place on the sixth day. It does not come after chapter 1 but During it.

    Basically it is explaining in detail how he made man.

    If I want more info on the topic Im happy to help
  • Williaka on Genesis 1 - 2 years ago
    and God said let us make man in our image who is our? proverbs 8.
  • Mishael - In Reply on Genesis 1 - 2 years ago
    Archaeologists have remains that cabin date back to the dinosaur era. They were not human. It's possible you might find more info in the Apocrypha. I haven't rad all of it, but I noticed 'giants'.

    They were not in the 8 people on board of the Ark.

    Maybe someone else will comment as far as Apocrypha findings. There's a LINK on the red page we first come into this website, that will take you to the Apocryphal books.
  • Mishael - In Reply on Genesis 1 - 2 years ago
    All people came through Adam and Eve. God used one of Adams ribs to make Eve. Read of this through Genesis 1:26 through to Genesis 2:20-25

    Moses wrote it this way; for reasons. He wrote the first 5 Books of Genesis. During the Exodus too. He was trying to handle this all by himself, but came to a point when he appointed people to assist him with the care and problems of the exodus people, on the way to the Promised Land.

    Have you ever been writing something important and people interrupt you with: the battery in my car is dead. I need help? That's what was happening to Moses.

    So there are 2 places for you to read about man and woman's creation. Read those 2 scripture references. :)

    And__teach it to other people.

    The story of how Cain came to be killed is fascinating. You might have to look at those Geneologies in the Scriptures. Sometimes the Geneological Charts on Google is helpful.

    Remember that Jesus's Bloodline was moving through Seth's BLoodline."

    God spoke something to Moses, as you've noticed. He didn't write it down completely until later

    Knowing this will help you understand all those scriptures that seem to skip forward, and something else is added later

    Has anybody been yanking on your sleeve to drop what you're doing to help them? That's what happened to Moses.
  • Trinidad - In Reply on Genesis 1 - 2 years ago
    Not really but thanks.
  • Charrisse Thompson - In Reply on Genesis 1 - 2 years ago
    Genesis 2 explains from God, the generations of His creation. Hope this helps Trinidad. God bless
  • Trinidad on Genesis 1 - 2 years ago
    In genesis 1;27 the bible states God made mankind and instructed them to multiply. In Genesis chapter 2 he created Adam and Eve. There were humans before Adam and Eve?
  • Suze - In Reply on Genesis 1 - 2 years ago
    Thank you and God bless you , hope to read more from you soon , much love in Christ .
  • Bro dan - In Reply on Genesis 1 - 2 years ago
    Hi Suze,

    Thanks, and so nice to hear from you, and the feeling is mutual, as I always look forward to reading your posts whenever I stop in here.

    2 Peter 1:2

    "Grace and peace be multiplied unto you through the knowledge of God, and of Jesus our Lord,"

    God Bless You!
  • Suze - In Reply on Genesis 1 - 2 years ago
    Bro Dan , haven't read a post from you for ages ! Thank you for this excellent post .
  • Bro dan - In Reply on Genesis 1 - 2 years ago
    Thanks and God Bless you Bro!
  • Alex N - In Reply on Genesis 1 - 2 years ago
    Well said Bro. Dan Gbu.
  • Bro dan - In Reply on Genesis 1 - 2 years ago
    Mister David,

    Yes, the Gentiles have been grafted into same Tree of Life. But, buying land, or any other material things of this earth, should be a moot point, and of no concern, based on how I read the scripture.

    Colossians 3:1-2

    "If ye then be risen with Christ, seek those things which are above, where Christ sitteth on the right hand of God."

    "Set your affection on things above, not on things on the earth."

    As I read the scriptures, a Christian (Christ Follower) should not be concerning themselves anyway, with accumulating land/material things here on this earth, but should rather be concentrating and working toward storing up our treasures in heaven.

    God Bless.
  • Chris - In Reply on Genesis 1 - 2 years ago
    Hi Mister David. Your Ephesians reference indeed shows that Jewish & Gentile believers are joint heirs to the Kingdom of God (by Jesus' Blood the middle wall of partition has been broken between us, verses 13, 14).

    And as far as I can gather, even these 'believers in Christ', as also foreigners, are able to buy land in Israel. Though tax implications are different between the Jew & the foreigner. Can you cite where you learned that this is not so?
  • Mister David on Genesis 1 - 2 years ago
    Numbers 15:29

    Ye shall have one law for him that sinneth through ignorance, both for him that is born among the children of Israel, and for the stranger that sojourneth among them.

    Leviticus 24:22

    Ye shall have one manner of law, as well for the stranger, as for one of your own country: for I am the LORD your God.

    Numbers 15:16

    One law and one manner shall be for you, and for the stranger that sojourneth with you.

    Ephesians 2:19-20

    19 Now therefore ye are no more strangers and foreigners, but fellowcitizens with the saints, and of the household of God;

    20 And are built upon the foundation of the apostles and prophets, Jesus Christ himself being the chief corner stone;

    Do these Scriptures make up airs to the kingdom of God along with the "Jewish" people?

    Why then can't a Christian buy land in Jerusalem without converting?
  • Mishael - In Reply on Genesis 1 - 2 years ago
    Read Luke 18:18 and following verses
  • Mishael - In Reply on Genesis 1 - 2 years ago
    Use the SEARCH BOX on the red link page. Just type in money. Sort the list, OT or NT
  • ELB - In Reply on Genesis 1 - 2 years ago

    Jesus taught more about the kingdom of God, than any other thing.

    Matthew 6:33 But seek ye FIRST the kingdom of God ......

    God Bless YOU!
  • Beatrice wade on Genesis 1 - 2 years ago
    JESUS taught more about money than anything else where are these scriptures found and what do they mean
  • Brenda soule on Genesis 1 - 2 years ago
    Explains very well.
  • Vitamortis on Genesis 1 - 2 years ago
    Just a random thought:

    According to the cell theory, someone(God) had to create cells for them to exist(or else the universe is infinite I guess?). They couldn't have come from simply matter. I think it's almost ironic that God created at least some living matter from dust, which is just matter. To me this is a great demonstration of God's omnipotence.
  • S Spencer - In Reply on Genesis 1:26 - 2 years ago
    Hi Carol.

    Black, White, Red, Brown, and sometimes blue if you mess with the wrong guy is the color of this tent we live in.

    We in our carnal state identify sadly rank one another that way.

    But when we are born again we should Identify one another as equal Brothers.

    God bless.
  • Marke - In Reply on Genesis 1:26 - 2 years ago
    God made all nations of one blood and divided the nations as He willed for His reasons. There is no sin or shame in belonging to one nation over another or one color over another. All men have the same color blood and are all descendants of the same two human parents dating back to Noah and his wife.

    Acts 17:26

    And hath made of one blood all nations of men for to dwell on all the face of the earth, and hath determined the times before appointed, and the bounds of their habitation;
  • Mishael on Part 2 of why race colors - In Reply on Genesis 1:26 - 2 years ago
    I did not mean it to say color is a disease. I meant that the blending of the man with the woman, would select color, hair type, eye color, etc. From all the way back to Genesis, the DNA THAT GOD CREATED, is passing through bloodlines. It picks up and Carrie's everything in it.

    That's why I think Adams and Eves blood originated ALL elements in every human beings DNA.

    I don't think Egyptians are blacker than others because of sun exposure; as scientists preach today. Who knows.

    I'm relying totally on what God created and what he used to mold it. Through science we are discovering that DNA is the carrier God Chose.

    I look like my ancestors: all of them. They all migrated all over the world, from the lands of Israel. Scientists cannot find the Garden of Eden, even now.

    It was in Nineveh, where people were "classed."

    Working class, Elite class, Slave, Masters, etc.

    God put it in us to carve out our own paths.

    Cain killed Abel. Cain left and took the evil with him. Seth carried the DNA of Jesus Christ. God oversaw Jesus's bloodline thousands of years until Book of Luke.

    What a Mighty God we serve!!
  • WHY GOD CREATED HUMANS AS HE DID__WHY COLORS - In Reply on Genesis 1:26 - 2 years ago
    Everybody has different answers for that. I turn to Genesis where God created man. What material was He using?

    Genesis 1:26, Genesis 2:7

    God FORMED (meaning molded) man from DUST. He made a clay with water. Scientists say our bodies are 50% water.

    Then God breathed through Adams nose the breath of Gods life. Man became a living SOUL.

    People get confused over Gen. 1:27 because here it says God created Adam "male & female". See Malachi 2:15 "ONE. A Pair.

    Genesis 3:18 God purposes to make Adam a help, meet, for Adam.

    Gen. 3:21 God opens Adam and takes a rib. God MADE a woman for Adam. They are "married" in verses 23-25

    One=a man and a woman. But by the Books Leviticus and Deuteronomy, we see "perversions of the Plan of God". Which still persists in Romans chapter 1. Today it's different; people are having surgery. GOOD NEWS, They can still repent and be saved. God can't fix their bodies, but He will save their souls IF they repent.

    Moses's writing of Genesis seems to skip around, but God told him how to write it down.

    God planned that children would be born of one man and a woman. A pair. Married in covenant to each other.

    Why different colors? God used dust because dust contains ALL colors. I'm an artist, and we use all mediums to make paint different colors and consistencies.

    Eve came out of Adam, so her color was his color. Blending their DNA in a child, could produce a child of the color in that DNA. Colors, diseases, etc can happen if DNA is damaged somehow.

    One color is not more precious to God. He wanted all colors, or he would've use just limestone or charcoal. He CHOSE DUST.

    Satan was still around. He is the ACCUSER; creator of chaos. To hurt Gods creation, he preached Prejudice. We see in Nineveh when they built the Tower of Babel.

    One day, Satan will be in the Lake of Fire, eternally.

    DNA is not a curse. It has a purpose. Love yourself and love God. Grace is unmerited favor. Ask God for more.

    I love you
  • What difference does it make ? - In Reply on Genesis 1:26 - 2 years ago
    Is there a scripture that refers to why people are white ?
  • Carol on Genesis 1:26 - 2 years ago
    Is there scripture that refers to why people are black?
  • Jesse - In Reply on Genesis 1 - 2 years ago

    En haut de la page, cliquez sur KJV Standard. Dans la case qui dit Rechercher dans la Bible, tapez simplement Apocalypse Chapitre 20 et le chapitre entier apparatra au lieu d'un seul verset. J'espre que cela vous aidera! Isa

  • AndreaDona - In Reply on Genesis 1 - 2 years ago
    Bonjour. En haut de l'cran, vous verrez plus, cliquez dessus et vous verrez une zone o vous pourrez taper quel livre de la Bible vous voulez lire et le chapitre. Jouez avec l'cran pour vous familiariser avec la faon dont cela fonctionne. C'est facile et amusant.

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