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  • Giannis - In Reply on Genesis 13 - 1 year ago
    If he went to fight Goliath with a sword, should he expect to put him down with the first hit? Not really, I think
  • GiGi again - In Reply on Genesis 13 - 1 year ago
    Hello Wayne,

    I just want to warn you to stay away from writings from Bullinger and other ultra-dispensationalists as they teach boat loads of error that contradict and do not align with Scripture although they claim to be the ones who truly rightly divide Scripture. Beware of such cultic groups.
  • 8152757794 - In Reply on Genesis 13 - 1 year ago
    5 represents man, but as you know with Gods Power behind it , it would only take one.
  • Chris - In Reply on Genesis 13 - 1 year ago
    That's a good question Wayne, as some might understand it as, David not having enough faith that only one stone would kill Goliath, therefore he needed extras.

    When I read the whole passage in 1 Samuel chapter 17, I try to understand it according to what was normal practise using the skills developed for accurate use of the sling. David probably hunted quite often using such a method (or, to protect his flock) & would be normal for him to have more projectiles in his bag. He probably looked at this 'beast' confronting the army of Israel & cursing the God of Israel, with the same view. In fact, in verses 49 to 51, we read that in spite of David's accuracy in reaching his target, that single stone didn't kill Goliath, but certainly would have given him a severe head/brain trauma that dropped him to the ground. And since this was a duel to the death, & Goliath had not died, David proceeded to remove Goliath's sword & then use it to kill him & to decapitate him. Generally, we understand that it was the stone killed Goliath (v50), but verse 51 seems to suggest that Goliath met his death by his own sword in David's hand. Either could be correct, but only one stone was needed to fell the enemy.
  • Wayne Broadway on Genesis 13 - 1 year ago
    When David went after Goliath, why did he choose five stones when one was all that he needed...?
  • EVERYBODY SHOUT - In Reply on Genesis 13 - 2 years ago
    One of my favorite sayings! Say it Loud.

    Jesus' first coming gave hope, and his second coming will bring a joy that will last forever for those who are following him. We live in the messy middle between these two points. We look back and praise God that Christ has come. And we look forward and trust God that Christ will come again. By balancing our lives between these two comings, we find perspective for this momentary existence we find ourselves in, and we find ourselves moved to pray, "Come, Lord Jesus!" and feel glorious anticipation with each beat of our hearts that gets us closer to the day that "we shall see [him] face to face" ( 1 Corinthians 13:12).

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  • Roopram parshotam on Genesis 13 - 2 years ago
    This portion of this chapter v 14-18, is a word the Lord gave to me to launch a ministry "Maranatha Faith Ministries International"
  • Richard H Priday on Genesis 13 - 2 years ago
    Here we see the separation of Lot from Abraham. There was nothing wrong; technically as to the decision to separate to have enough room for their flocks and such; but clearly Lot focused on the lush land and not the "exceedingly" wicked men in Sodom which he somehow myopically neglected in his decision. Abraham now was able to see in the barren land he lived in as basically a nomad in tents with the full picture of God's promises for the future. We are reminded how the unseen is more important than the seen. Temporary pleasures in Lot were enough to cost Lot's wife her life and likely she was unsaved (I suggest a piece of literature from Chapel Library entitled "Lot's wife" for a very convicting look at this woman who despite having all the privileges of truth in a pagan society looked back at the world against God's directive). Lot himself; although decreed as a believer typifies those who "escape as through the fire" which could also be an allegory of those who at the last minute escape God's wrath. Nonetheless; Abram (to become Abraham) would inquire of God on Sodom and no doubt was able to intercede as he and the rest of his small group were the only ones to escape. Abraham asked God to spare the city even if 10 righteous existed; clearly Lot was on his mind. God obviously communed closely with Abraham; in many ways like He did with Moses; telling Him of great promises.
  • GiGi on Genesis 13 - 2 years ago
    Greetings in the name of our Lord and Savior, Jesus Christ!

    I have read all of the comments in this section and found the ones concerning Lot interesting. I have always thought that Lot went with Abraham perhaps because as Lot's uncle, Abraham may have had an obligation, by custom, to take in his nephew and raise him in his household. I do not know how old Lot was when his father, Haran, died, but I have always thought that he was very young and needed a guardian and, by custom, stayed in the household of his guardian even into adulthood. Also, being new to the land, they may have not known of the wickedness of Sodom and Gomorrah at that time, especially if they kept apart from the other Canaanite tribes around them. Does anyone know about the possibility of such customary obligations?
  • Chris - In Reply on Genesis 13 - 3 years ago
    Genesis 13:8:"And Abram said unto Lot, Let there be no strife, I pray thee, between me and thee, and between my herdmen and thy herdmen; for we be brethren."

    The word 'brethren' has a wider meaning than just 'brothers'. The Hebrew allows for it to mean, 'countrymen, kinsmen, relatives, etc." As well, Abram included not only himself but his herdsmen in this plea for peace. So by using the word 'brethren', Abram seems to come as a peacemaker to show Lot that "we're all here & in this together as one big family, so why should this matter cause us strife & division & pull us apart". As it happened, they did go their separate ways but hopefully, any anger felt earlier would have subsided.
  • Lamech on Genesis 13 - 3 years ago
    Abram is Lo's uncle,Why Abram saith to Lo,for we be brethren?
  • T. Levis - In Reply on Genesis 13 - 3 years ago
    Attempting to help: you ask " Where do I go from here?"

    To God Almighty in prayer & HIS Word.

    For encouragement 2 Samuel 23:3,

    Direction & wisdom : Proverbs

    Understanding who Jesus is Mathew, Mark, Luke &/or John

    Hope that's helpful
  • John on Genesis 13 - 3 years ago
    where do i go from here
  • LASIS ALIU on Genesis 13:14 - 3 years ago
    Abraham as far as i am concerned, is an epitome of contentment, humility,peace and a man of exemplary lifestyle characterized by a great measure of unselfishness. He would do and give anything up even his life, for the peace of those he loves and are under his care.
  • Loreli - In Reply on Genesis 13 - 4 years ago
    It doesn't say that anywhere in the Bible.
  • Jos Rosenthal on Genesis 13 - 4 years ago
    Where in the bible does it say that Ham's descendants were black?
  • Beautiful - In Reply on Genesis 13 - 4 years ago
  • Pattyfox on Genesis 13 - 4 years ago
    Give verses tha are like deuteronomy 28-20
  • Comfused on Genesis 13 - 4 years ago
    "Then Abram removed his tent, and came and dwelt in the plain of Mamre, which is in Hebron, and built there an altar unto the LORD."
    Did he burn more animals on this altar? Why don't these people just pray to God?
  • Stanjett - In Reply on Genesis 13 - 4 years ago
    May God bless you two. When you come to the new testament I hope you write Jesus words with a red pen. good luck to you two.
  • Mariah Foster (12 years old) - In Reply on Genesis 13 - 4 years ago
    Me too!!!!!!!!!!! I have to write the WHOLE ENTIRE BIBLE for school!!!!!!!!!!!!! : : :
  • Teri on Genesis 13 - 4 years ago
    reminds me also that Paul counted all as loss in Phil 3:8. Lot believed he had the best pick but God was going to bless Abraham either way, His exceeding great reward was Jehovah God.
  • Rain on Genesis 13 - 5 years ago
    Here in 13 this shows how blessings is ours if we only be obedient and follow GODS direction. Sometime certain situations calls for extreme measures. also lets us know that family will hold you from blessing that are yours if you allow them. It tells us also keep the faith and keep going on knowing that God is on our side.
  • April Joy Hooten on Genesis 13 - 5 years ago
    Awsome i hade to do this for my school work
  • BSP on Genesis 13 - 5 years ago
    Verse 2~ Jehovah God took good care of Abraham because he put faith in him and obeyed him.
  • Andreas on Genesis 13 - 5 years ago
    The secret to Abram success was that he could built an altar wherever he settled and call on the name of the lord as described in verse 4 and18. This made all his to be directed by the lord and this is cordinated with jeremiah 33:3 " call unto me and i will answer you..........."
  • BSP on Genesis 13 - 6 years ago
    Verse 9~Even though Abraham was older than Lot he let him have the first pick. Abraham was truly a humble man.
  • AMB.IFEOMA MARY EJIOGU on Genesis 13 - 7 years ago
    To be effective in serving God,we should discard all forms of self and wholly follow God by constantly seek His will in every thing we do.Abraham has no other person or power other than God.He so much made God his defense city ,strength. We need to be content with God,trust him and accept his plans for us
  • Irene123 on Genesis 13 - 7 years ago
    V. 4 doesn't mention Lot 'calling on God' at Abrams altar. I think he probably should have.
  • Irene123 on Genesis 13 - 7 years ago
    V. 4 - " ..... and there Abraham called on the Name of the Lord." Abraham reiterated his first oath to God and not actually KNOWING his oath, I can well imagine it entailed Micah 6:8. He reaffirmed his standing with God. Everyday we need to do this, as we wake up, before starting in on OUR business.

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