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  • Stephanie Ocken on Genesis 24 - 8 years ago
    I thought it was beautiful how Abraham sent his favorite oldest servant to find his son a wife how happy in love they were with each other. It was a blessing that GOD, our HEAVENLY FATHER chose Abraham to send the servant out to make sure he found the perfect wife for his son so they could have many children then their children have more children to bring up a mighty nation.
  • SARA on Genesis 24:4 - 8 years ago
    I like the script of genesis
  • Geraldine cole on Genesis 24:63 - 9 years ago
    What I received from this is God love is owesome he love these people so much they did not want for nothing because these people honor God they were rich in many things they obey God they love their families they were not against each other they had servant, and nurses they were wealthy this bless me to no that if we honor God he will do and give us anything thing we want and more .it like this God the father loved us so much he sent his son to die for us and his son loved his father so much he honor his father by obeying what he sent him to do and thats why right now we have a savor because the son obeyed his father God.we are a bless people .Amen
  • Donna George on Genesis 24 - 9 years ago
    I believe the veil is used when you are about to be married, as Rebekah knew she had met the man that would have been her husband. It is probably not to be used in all instances. I believe it is used correctly by the Christians? Because it was not said that she was wearing it before she met her husband
  • Joseph on Genesis 24 - 9 years ago
    Like Father like Son! Isaac must have learnt a lot from his father Abraham and he knew how to commune with God and spend quiet moments alone with God. Eliezar must have learnt from Abraham his master, how to worship, praise God and depend upon God in prayers while exercising faith. Our lives is like a book that people are reading daily. We must endeavour and strive to make sure it points all those around us to Jesus Christ.
  • David Nwosu on Genesis 24:65 - 10 years ago
    The action �f Rebekah, was a form of symbolism. It teaches that a married woman should not shawn or shave her hair while her husband is alive except that she is mourning. Check 1Cor.11:3, 6,7 and 10. Note that the glory of the woman is her hair. (I am open to correction pl.)
  • George nwaneri on Genesis 24 - 10 years ago
    God is really wonderful, i actually gain alot from this passage. It is good to depend on the Lord before we enbark on anything or any journey, but today the youth of today do there own things in diferent way. They can marry anywhere wheather good or bad in the name of love, yet those love is not actually the true love but lust. The bible says there is something that look right to a man but the end is the way of dead.
  • Ajagbe on Genesis 24:65 - 10 years ago
    This verse of the Bible is an evidence against christians who fight muslims women for using veil or Hijaab. He who like jesus from now on should start be using veil without shyness and fear.
  • Like you need to know on Genesis 24 - 10 years ago
    GOD is the best thing ever!
  • Osaki on Genesis 24:12 - 10 years ago
    This verse encourage me so mush and give me hope to have success in finding my wife.
  • B J Manuel on Genesis 24:3 - 11 years ago
    Harmony in families often relies upon the parents sharing the same belief system. In fact, children are even blessed when their parents share the same faith and obedience to God in Christ throughout their lives. Also, obedience to parents transferred as obedience to God and with this practice came the blessing of long life and living generally well. There exists also this warning to those contemplating marriage and/or other contractual agreements with unbelievers: "Be ye not unequally yoked together with unbelievers; for what fellowship hath righteousness with unrighteousness? and what communion hath light with darkness?"( 1Corinthians 6:14)(Read also verses 15 through 18 of the same chapter.) To those who love God there is no grief here, but rather joy in doing God's pleasure.
  • Shingie on Genesis 24:63 - 11 years ago
    Every successful man in the bible took time to meditate on the word of God, Psalms 1, Philippians 4:8, Joshua 1:8.
  • Jack on Genesis 24 - 12 years ago
    @KP this is not weird its the will of te lord that his people's purity be preserved till JesusChrist was born.
  • Jo-Marie on Genesis 24 - 12 years ago
    Abraham's faith was established in God, Abraham was so confident that God will provide a wife to his son Isaac. He knew God's loving-kindness and faithful, that God is not a man and does not lie BUT God keeps his promises for generations. It is interesting to see that Isaac and Rebekah were brought together spiritually, before any physical attraction or contact. They did not look for spouses by themself but God did, nor they use media means to find a spouse (internet etc...) They were both doing what they were called to do in God's eyes, see verses16-20 and 63. This shows that a covenant of marriage must be always based on the spiritual first, and physical attraction should come after. When we trust God, He always provides for all our needs, even the most intimate needs (Phil4:6-7 and 19).
  • Miriam on Genesis 24 - 12 years ago
    all good things come from God including a good husband just pray to God and ask for a sign to be sure that what you have asked for truly comes from God do the praying and asking of sign in your heart to be sure that it is only you and God that share that information. follow your prayer and wait for it to come out exactly because there is nothing that God cannot do then continue trusting and consulting God in every thing that will follow and you will live happily there after.
  • Kp on Genesis 24 - 12 years ago
    Never notice this but Jacob was also his mom 2nd cousin. They both had the same great grandfaher. Jacob actully came through all of terah kids line. He was abrham grandson, nahor greatgrandson and haran grat great grandson. terah was jacon great grandfather, 2x great grandfather and 3x great grandfather.
    Rebekha was Issack 1st cousin once removed. Note his father im law also had the same grandfather as issack. His grandfather in law was also his uncle Nahor. Werid how they marry in the family like that. Even his two kids married thier cousins. Eaus married one of his dad brother daughters and Jacob married two of his mom brother daughters. Jacob would have been some of his kids 1st cousin once removed since two of his wives were his cousins. Thought it was intersting.
  • Reggie on Genesis 24 - 12 years ago
    I agree with Jane. What a love story! What a beautiful picture of the servant ( the Holy Ghost)drawing the bride Rebekah (the Church, the Bride of Christ) to the Son Issac ( the Son of God Jesus) to be united in marriage and eternal love!! Note in vs.60 - The blessing on Rebekah - she would be the mother of thousands of millions and her seed would possess the gate of them which hate them!! Jesus said," I will build my church and the gates of hell would not prevail against it."Mt.16:18 Praise the Lord! What glorious love!!
  • Jane Obina on Genesis 24 - 13 years ago
    This is my most favorite love story in the Bible, it inspired me to wait for God's will in my life..just like Rebekah who waited for Isaac. It's so amazing to found a one true love. I praise & thank the Lord I wed the man God has prepared for me on Jan 7, 2011. Now, I'm 7 weeks pregnant of our first baby.To God be the glory!
  • RALPH M. WATERS on Genesis 24 - 13 years ago
    AN OATH - Was a special thing. People swore and new the meaning - That GOD was their witness.

    These days, - People do not realize what is coming out of their mouths.
    "By their words they will be justified and by their words they will be condemned".

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