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  • Hans El'engrettal - In Reply on Genesis 33 - 1 year ago
    Dear Alison Wunderland,

    I agree with Genies response. Your question should be addressed to someone involved in Freemasonry.
  • Giannis - In Reply on Genesis 33 - 1 year ago
    Dear Alison why do you ask christians about these things? How could one know unless he had been a member before? You should address your questions to masons themselves. Many cults use God's name to just attract people and make them trust them. And under an innocent surface often there are some awful things hidden.
  • Alison Wunderland on Genesis 33 - 1 year ago
    At the end of Genesis chapter 33 is the word El-El-o-He-Israel interpreted as God-God-Of-All-Israel, as written in the King James Bible. It is interesting to note that there are 33 degrees of Freemasonry and that one of the sacred passwords in Freemasonry is El-El-O-Eh-Israel, so why are Freemasons so cagey about their god, even to the extent that Freemasonry has no god, while here is the proof that their god is one and the same, the god of Israel. The story continues in chapter 34 where Jacob's sons Simeon and Levi conspire to kill all the males in the town of Shechem while they are at a disadvantage being sore from circumcision. One has to wonder why this is considered to be an exemplar of "Right conduct" by the Masons?
  • GiGi again on Genesis 33:12 - 2 years ago
    ...Jacob needed to follow God's way without outside influence. He traveled southwest to Succoth and built a residence there with shelters for his animals. This indicates he settled there for a time. Some time later, he crossed the Jordan, due east, to Shechem. He was now in Canaan. He built a residence there and bought this land form the family of Hamor. It was near the city. He built an altar there. In all of this time, these 20 years, God had kept Jacob safe in his journeys, blessed him with success in his endeavors and with wealth. He had guided him to Haran to the fields of Laban. He had secured Jacob both Leah and Rachel for wives, blessed him with 11 sons and a daughter, an amicable departure from Laban, and night of wrestling with God, a new name, and a peaceful reunion with his brother. Was Jacob now ready to call God by the name of God of Israel? Yes, he was. El Elohe Israel means: "God, the God of Israel". Jacob now accepted the True God as his God, the God of Israel, completing the process that began in Bethel and the dream/vision of the ladder to heaven. God proved Himself to Jacob, drawing Jacob to put his faith in Him. That took 20 years.
  • GiGi on Genesis 33:12 - 2 years ago
    And now we come to the meeting of Jacob and Esau, 20 years in the making! Jacob assumed that Esau had not changed in 20 years. But he had. He had wives and children of his own now. God had given Esau 6 sons and wealth. He was a leader among the inhabitants of Seir, where he moved to from Canaan some time ago.

    By the time Jacob meets up with Esau, Jacob had caught up with his family. Upon seeing Esau in the distance with 400 men, Jacob divided his family up into 3 groups. It is interesting how he selected the order of the groups. It was obvious to us that he ordered them least loved to most loved. That must have spoke volumes to his wives and sons.

    Jacob approached Esau in a respectful, customary way, stopping to bow and prostrate himself towards Esau 7 times. Not so for Esau. He ran to Esau and embraced him by the neck, kissed him and they wept having set off from the the south to meet Esau with 400 men, Esau may have intended to bring harm to Jacob or capture him together. But, perhaps, overnight, "wink, wink" something changed in Esau. What a healing moment! The meeting was joyous instead of tense. Esau was delighted to see that Jacob had been blessed with a large family with twice as many sons as he had.

    They discussed the gift of animals Jacob had sent ahead. Esau at first declined the gift, saying that he already had plenty. He wanted Jacob to keep the animals for himself as he gets re-established in the land of their father. At first, Jacob wanted to win Esau's favor, but now that he had it from Esau before Esau knew the animals were a gift, Jacob realized that seeing Esau face to face in such an accepting way that God had been answered his pray being so welcomed by Esau was an immense gift to Jacob. After Jacob insisting once more Esau accepted his brother's gift. Their brotherhood was restored.

    Next, Esau suggested that he escort Jacob and family through the area. Jacob declines. I think that was a wise course to take. He didn't need Esau's influence.
  • Marcus on Genesis 33 - 2 years ago
    Jacob's Heel Manifestation through the Grace of God.

    At birth, the redheaded brother Esau came out first followed by Jacob grabbing his brother's heel. Jacob means Heel-Grabber, supplanter, or usurper.

    ( Genesis 33) Jacob & Esau's last meeting on the trail. They part with gifts.

    Jacob and Esau fought each other for territories. Jacob the heel-grabber, is depicted as crushing Esau's hand with his heal, and the fingers on Esau's hand point to his land, Russia. Look at a map of the Black sea (sea of Azov).

    I haven't been able to identify any scriptures directly associated with this beyond what's embedded in the 2 boys struggles. No one knew the Black sea contained Jacob's heel fully till aeriel photography. Isn't that remarkable, the obvious natural illustration of the sea, it must be a testament to the Almighty.
  • A disciple on Genesis 33 - 6 years ago
    Romans 9:13 "Jacob have I loved, but Esau have I hated." The Election of God is a stumbling block to the proud men of the world who oppose and reject the Testimony of Jesus Christ. Beginning with Cain, this has been the flashpoint of the heathen's rage, and all their ideology to deny the Saviour and take away the knowledge of the truth from the minds of men. Jacob held the Calling of God sacred!
  • A disciple on Genesis 33 - 6 years ago
    Lee; I understand how one might look at Jacob in that way. From a certain perspective many things about God's dealings between His Saints and the heathen are offensive to those who don't want to submit to God's Supreme Authority. God knows the hearts of all men, and He judged Esau as hateful and hostile to the things of Christ and therefore unfit for the blessing! That's the part the heathen hate!
  • LEE on Genesis 33 - 6 years ago
    It is very important we understand that what ever we do on this earth we will be held accountable for it one day. Rebekah and Jacob deceived Isaac and took Esau's blessing, though Jacob was running away from his brothers hunger, he still found himself in his uncle Laban's trouble. GOD will listen to our prayers and forgive but we will still go through the heat of the sin committed.
  • A disciple on Genesis 33 - 7 years ago
    When Jacob wrestled with "the Angel" the night before, He gave Jacob a new name, according as God knew him, and loved him; calling him Prince of God, or, Israel. So the Lord also heard his prayers and answered his fears about Esau, in softening his heart, and turning him away from his vengeful purposes. God will sort out all the truth and help us if we humble ourselves before our unsaved brethren.
  • Bible fan on Genesis 33 - 7 years ago
    esau is as much a hero here as anyone else - 'to forgive is divine' is a huge theme here, so much so that Jacob sees Esau's face 'as if he saw god'. Forgiveness is what is best in us but it takes some time before we're often willing to do it
  • John Aikins Edu on Genesis 33 - 8 years ago
    When the favour Of god is upon man even his enemies will be at peace with him so we need prayer for the favour of god at all times as Jacob did, Esther also prayed nd God favoured her before the king. God's favour is suprium
  • Peace pound on Genesis 33 - 8 years ago
    Good too
  • Julianah on Genesis 33 - 8 years ago
    What clearly came to my mind is the fact that God had concluded the work of reconciliation
  • Mercy Kariuki on Genesis 33 - 9 years ago
    regardless of what you have victory comes from God. trust God and in prayer make your requests known unto him.
  • Joseph on Genesis 33 - 9 years ago
    I learnt from this Chapter that indeed 'PRAYER CHANGES THINGS '! It was the prayer of Jacob that melted the heart of Esau such that both of them wept Verse 4 . It was because Jacob prayed that God gave him 'a mouth and wisdom ' which Esau could not resist and not only did Esau took the gift from Jacob, but he did not argue with Jacob concerning joint movement to Seir. Jacob moved on with his family as God led him. Our God wants us to pray and be intimate with Him and this will require self discipline and sacrifice from us. may God pour upon all Christians the spirit of prayer and supplication that changes lives, families and nations in Jesus Name.
  • Elizabeth on Genesis 33 - 10 years ago
    Sampson osei, jacob did not 'steal' Esau's birthright, Jacob actually bought it from him with a reciept (oath), Gen 25: 31, 33. Nothing comes free in this world. Not even Salvation, 'cause it was paid for by Christ. Afterall God changed his name. But I'm happy he later reconciled with him at last.
  • Richard on Genesis 33 - 10 years ago
    Domingo..You have a very good perspective on those four rivers..The main river that comes out of the garden is the full word of God The river split into 4 they represent the four angels that are ready to reap the world in revelations..Don't forget the rain that God mentioned in the beginning..To represent the Living water the Bible the words/ verses/ Christ /..did not start until right before Noah.. Very good perception don't forget to follow the verses and when they start..I am very happy to see someone thinking like you ..
  • Sampson osei on Genesis 33 - 10 years ago
    The best way to revenge is to succeed.Esau was suppsed to be the looder, God Himself said that Jacob I love and Esau I hate, and the same God said in 2 Chronicles 7:13-14, If i shut down the heavens that there be no rain, if i send locust to devour the land and if I send pestilence upon my poeple, If my people that are called by my name shall humble themselves pray, and seek my face and turn from their wicked ways, i will hear from heaven and heal their land.Esau had all the chance to kill Jacob but he did not, he left his father's house after that Jacob had taken what belonged to him, God had intended to give to Jacob that blessing, but instead for Jacob to let God give to him in the right way he stole something that belonged to him.According to the blessings jacob received, it was Esau that was supposed to bow to Jacob and call him lord, but here we see Jacob bowing 7 times to Esau and calling him lord.when you dont wait on the Lord to give you what is rightfully yours and you take a short cut, there will always be consequecies.
  • Fran on Genesis 33 - 10 years ago
    I believe that all these things had to happen because this was in the plan of God. I also believe that Jacob thought that giving the gifts to Esau that this would calm him down even though this was a part of the custom during this particular time.
  • Lynn Mack on Genesis 33 - 11 years ago
    Genesis 33:4 the thing that awed me in this chapter was the unconditional forgiveness that Esau had for Jacob, like Christ has for us when we accept him as our savior. JESUS IS LORD. Amen.
  • Don on Genesis 33:15 - 12 years ago
    Esau is of Satan's blood line. Genesis 26:34-35
    He married "Judith" a Canaanite women (birds of a feather flock together) the daughter of Cain the murderer of Abel.
    That rebellious union made Issac and Rebekah very bitter because he left the God of their fore- father's, for an idol worshiper.

    Genesis 33:2 Jacob puts his most precious family members (including Dinah) in the most rear section of the caravan. (farthest away from the prying eyes of Esau)

    Genesis 33:15 Esau is trying to trick Jacob into taking his blood line to join with Jacob's family members. (to prevent/pollute the pure seed-line of God's man "Jesus" from coming into this world and saving it!) Thank God, Jacob doesn't take the bait!

    Genesis 34:1-2 no more Mr. nice guy, Satan's evil spirits have Shechem rape Dinah! (Jacob's daughter)
    Shechem's dad - Hamor's answer to rape - let us impregnate the rest of your "Holy seeded" children with "my son the rapist" and his cousins blood-line to boot!
    Malachi 1:3 that is why God said, Jacob I loved,
    Esau I hated.

    Genesis 34:25 Thank Simeon and Levi the "Avenger Brother's" for Dinah, to putting an end to the humbling any more of their women folk!
  • DOMINGO on Genesis 33:18 - 12 years ago
    Behold the kingdom of Heaven (IS) at hand. The King James Bible, is a living Bible that is of Life and writing for they that understanding that they are a living Parable. chapter 33 (Is). Is for what come out of the garden by the way of rivers, they that understands come from Heaven, that (was), (is) and always (Shell be) of Egypt. The first and the last. I am that I am. Male and Female and Them. This Book is Life. For they that understand all things that was made good bad and Holy. Please write me back.
  • RALPH M. WATERS on Genesis 33 - 13 years ago
    Jacob remained fearful of Esau, even though He had the blessing of GOD, wrestled with an Angel. He still remained fearful of a man.

    Walking by Faith is easy to say, but is hard to complete.

    Jacob had all he required to walk in faith, with the knowledge of GOD he received directly, but yet was still afraid of Esau. So when you tell someone to have Faith, think about what you are saying. Do they know what to have Faith in.
  • FHalaleva on Genesis 33:12 - 13 years ago
    I am very fond of this verse as I choose to preach on the 31st of december 2010.
    When I look at it and think about Jacob in what he did to Esau about his rights and his latest wrestle with God (Peniel) and I thought if you dont repent yourself there will be no way your going to see heaven.
    For Esau his forgiveness and his calm he still one to lead with God help.
    So what I learnt that if you repent and forgive everyone and let god lead you the way in your life it will make you see heaven for sure.

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